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huffing a box of whippits while i humble brag about not drinking...

One more week will make two months since I quite my drinking to really focus on my gambling...

I start drinking tea even sooner after the caffeine hangover than i did with beer after the alcohol hangover...

You guys want me to conserve for a future filled with trannies eating fake meat? Im not onboard with that sacrifice. You get whats left over like everyone else.

Of all things lads, I picked up some gourmet spicy ranch and its got me eating greens for breakfast.. Think of it boys, for breakfast!

A Tinder/Uber app that shuttles your match's to you and back.

Might fuck around a publish a trope about my lack of selfesteem and trouble fitting in..

I remember when I was a kid and got a crush on Kathy Ireland and stopped jerking off to cartoons. What happened to you mongs?

The democratic party is like a special ed class that just read Red Dawn.

Dj Kahled fighting all the religions of the world over who's the best..

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