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Charge D'Affaires


I have a co-worker, from a 'shit hole' country, a young bachelor who revels in the freedoms availed to him here - specifically, his ability to get away with public flirting with young women, and get away with it.

His main avenue for this is "wolf whistling", directed a a particular young woman.
The object of his affections is not to my taste, But I find his blunt persistence, in the face of her manifest revulsion, kind of annoying.
(Arguably, this is envy: He is feeling free to break rules I learned not to decades ago)

What to do?

Here's what.
His whistles are always deniable - the object of his affections is Present, but so are lots of other people, as well as other things he might claim to be expressing surprise at with a whistle (as some people do).

I turn this around on him.

Whenever he whistle, and I am one of the witnesses, I pitch my voice just So, to match the resonant frequencies of the space (as anyone with any stage experience knows how to do), and declaim, "I told you, I'm Not going to date you!"

Since homosexuality is Harram, and his shit hole culture is highly sensitive to shame, And other members of that cultures are usually present, this annoys him significantly.

I don't want my account to be one of those where some minutae is reported daily, but this might be interesting.


I had planned on returning from my gaming day trip to Nashville in plenty of time to hit the gym.
And I had high hopes for that gym trip: The last time I spent a day driving, and then hit the gym, I did Far better than usual.

I further stacked the deck by having some iCed coffee at lunch, and loading up on sweet carbs (stopping at a Cinnabons stall in a convenience tore in Lebanon).

But I tend to be optimistic about travel times, and this was no exception - various distractions got me home an hour later than planned.

That would still have been plenty early enough for a trip to the gym, but when I checked my accounts, I got into an online dispute with a former ally on, and I felt the need to present sources, etc. . . . and the neXt thing I knew, it was 2 AM. Really too late.

The sun, and my neighbor chatting with family on our shared front porch, woke me up at 9 AM. While I had some errands to run, I was up so early that I realized that I could actually hit the gym Then, beFore breakfast, without messing up any of my daily obligations.
Of course, I could not expEct my performance to be at the optimal level I (thought I) had so carefully prepared the previous day, but I had missed several days, and felt the need for a "make up"

I did some caLlisthencis, and a light dumbbell work out, at home to warm up, and then set off for the gym.
One further complication: Forgot to don my breatheright strip.

Long story short, I hit the enTirety of my current goal, jogging 4.8 mph up a 4.8º slope for 20 minutes.

Together with earlier experiences, it seems that a lot of the things I imagine as helpful for my performance in these endurance trials are either largely irrelevant, or at least pale in effect to being rested, properly warmed up, and hungry.

Epilogue: After the run, I started having pretty strong leg cramps when I got back to my car. A nutritious breakfast, and a hot shower, helped a but, but it took a few hour of mild activity for me to forget about them.


Just got back from miniatures gaming in Nashville.
Only got one game in, but it was a nail-biter!

I was playing "D3H2", a version of Hordes of the Things 2.0 updated with elements from DBA 3.0

I was using a fantasy version of my Moslem Conquest of North Africa army (just adding an element of wolves).

My opponents brought Picts, with a Hero.

I ended up defending, and placed a small fort (which I built myself) in a small hill in front of his lines. The last time I had threatened to do that, he had threatened to just avoid it, which was fine with me. But this time, he went straight for it, and overwhelmed the puny Psiloi garrison before I could relieve them.
And then some light horse I sent out ahea to help got wiped out.

Shortly thereafter, he ensconced an archer unit in the fort, and proceeded to snipe at my forces in that area of the table the rest of the game.

One of ther reasons I use the Moslems is that, being a history buff, I feel the need to emulate their historical style of impetuous attack, and swift retreats. This is very much contrary to my own preference for a careful positional approach, which makes the exercise mentally refreshing.

SO at this point, I started flinging my infantry at them . . . and then pulling back whenever I had the pips to do so. Things looked bad, as the Hero was anchoring his line, and just too tough to crack.

An attempt to send allied Moorish cavalry 'round his other flank saw that unit wiped out, as well.

My allied Moorish infantry chased off his light horse - but his Hero stood firm.

Eventually I got a break when his general and one of my spear units stumbled into one another in the bad going on the slopes of that little hill the fort was on. Both our formations disrupted by the terrain, the general died in the ensuing chaos.
That made all his maneuver twice as hard, which put me back in the game.

But net attrition to that point was heavily in his favor, as was position, and eventually, that archer unit in the fort killed one cavalry unit too many, and I lost.

Now I get to wait a month before I can do it again.

FINALLY found some Dusty Millers for the Consular grounds.
(reminder: Walmart, Home Despot, and Loewe's were out)
Found them at an open air plant sales lot. $2!
One in the ground already. by the front porch. The rest can wait.

HAVE to share this with Someone . . .


The Kekistani Treasury being in the state it is, we felt it might be a god idea to obtain some employment, the better to defray Consular operating expenses.
So we got a job at a fast-food chain.
Long story short, job is not near as bad as we feared it might be, and the food is *waayyy* better than we expected, so it's a good fit.
(As in, being invited to do overtime)

One of the people we see there is a junior maintenance man we'll call Bert. I say "junior", but he is already in his late 40's. He is a tall man, and has the easygoing approach that a lot of large, older southern men have - he doesn't get challenged much, and such challenges as he may expect to get, he has learned he has reason to expect he can handle.

Today I was apologizing for not being available to help unload the delivery truck (as I am preparing for an early start for a day trip to Nashville on my day off tomorrow), and he inquired what I was going to Nashville for.
I told him I was going to the monthly get together of Nashville's historical gaming society.
"Oh, yeah? You use the miniatures?"
Could'a knocked me over with a feather - here is this nigh stereotypical middle aged southern man, in a 'mechanical' job, in a town with next to no gaming going on, and he knows about historical miniatures.

(excuse me . . . something in my eye)

Moments like this restore a bit of my faith in Tennesseans.

One of the firms Special Prosecutor Mueller got an Indictment for is:
1) Offering to defend itself, In court,
2) Exercising its defendants right of 'discovery' (to see all the Feds evidence),
3) Exercising its right to a speedy trial.

I guaranTee you this is Not what Mueller had in mind.
Or is prepared for.

Add in the friction he is getting from the presiding judge in his Manafort case, and things are starting to look pretty grim for Mueller.

Annnd Gab seems to be down tonight.

Meanwhile, this instance chugs along merrily.
I retract earlier comments about relative reliability.

LEARN from My Mistakes -
DON'T Let This Happen to You!

A minor landscaping tragedy -
Mowing at sunset, exhausted in the failing light, I got disoriented for a moment, and mowed down one of our buttercups.

Ah,well there Will be more.

@Siedge or anybody else, really.

Our old hp deskjet printer finally developed a persistent feed fault that has resisted all my efforts to fix.
I know from hard experience that getting it fixed by a pro will likely cost more than a new one.

I also know from even harder experience that not all hardware will 'play nice' with the drivers in my version of Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS).

I Really Don't want to shell out $$ for a new printer, and have it not work.

Has anyone Any advice on what cheap printers I should consider, for basic functions, in this situation?
All serious responses appreciated.

Never fear, Democrats!
A Crusading New York Attorney General has girded his loins to take up your cause.
He's been leading AG's from other states in a clandestine campaign to use the courts to Force the Trump Administration to continue Obama era policies Annnd . . . he's gone.

Uh, what?

He's gone, it's all gone.

What's all gone?

His career. He made some poor personal choices, he's gone.

Whatayou mean, we have a crusading standard bearer?!

Not anymore you don't. POOF!

Have to keep my channel open for a bit longer - just posted an article that was 5.7K characters.

: (

Our heirloom tomato, whose upper leaves were blighted by a late sleet, is recovering.

Meanwhile, as usual, our entire set of iceberg lettuce seedling died.
It's always the same pattern: They sprout aggressively, they grow long, they fall over.
About half of them die off at this point.
The rest start to leaf out, and turn this crown upward - and then mysteriously die.

(from @SMar83 [on Gab], by commission)

This just occurred to me.

I don't know where you are physically located, so if the Merseyside Ministry of Truth "take action" vs. you over my indictment of Alder Hey, and you have to ban me to save your hide, no hard feelings.

I believe have figured out the "embed" (= link) feature here on Mastodon.

I had commented earlier that it seemed to generate a Long character string (253 last time I tried it), eating up most of a Gab post's character limit, for example.

It turns out, most of those characters are for the html of a web page, and not relevant for (say, again) a Gab post.

SO you can strip out most of that character string, just keeping the address in the quotation marks.
(For the record, I think this is clunky - should have a cleaner way to link to Post.)


In case you have been living under a rock, a mortally ill English infant's parent were prevented from seeking alternative treatment by the very hospital they had originally sought assistance from - and this was backed up by the full force of English law.
The child expired.

Post-mortem, it is now said they he was afflicted with a very rare illness called "mitochondrial syndrome", where the cellular 'powerhouses' that provide nearly all of the body's energy fail.

I am in no position to dispute this, and so, for the purposes of this discussion, will accept it as fact.

Even accepting this diagnosis, I find the actions of the hospital, and each and Every instrumentality that enforced them, to be unconscionable.

The hospital in question, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, in Liverpool, did not have a answer for the child's condition. And while that is regretable, that is not by itself a great wrong - no one's knowledge is perfect. But their assertion that No One could have a better idea . . . and most especially the appeal to force to prevent the search for such, is

Understand that I am Not one of those people overcome with emotion every time I think of a baby. I n fact, I find them unpleasant.
This has Nothing to do with emotion, and Everything t do with the rights of patients, and parents.

It is hard for medical science to get a good handle on an illness if it is rare. And Mitochondrial syndrome is Very rare. They have a name, and a cluster of symptoms, but (and this is Very important), they don't have a WHY.

And that means they cannot rule out the issue being a transport problem.
Mitochondria are the remnants of ancient 'guest' bacteria that moved into our ancestors 2+ billion years ago. As such , they have heir own cell membranes - and they must make use of special chemicals to move nutrients across that boundary. Ubiquinol and Acetyl-Carnitine come to mind.

It is possible that Mitochondrial syndrome is just an impairment of this transport system, and that high doses of these compounds (which have no side effects that I hae ever heard of) could have if, if not effect a cure, at least buy time.

Further, if the syndrome is caused by insufficiency of number of mitochondria, there is at least one nutrient that has been demonstrated to encourage multiplication of them: PQQ.

And that's just off the top of a my head. For the NHS to just say, in effect, "We can't save him, therefor Nobody can" (especially given the state of British medicine) is an argument with Zero merit.
Thus, Every MD and hospital administrator that signed off on this action, and Every security guard that barred a path, and Every English judge that that denied the parents cse, and every English police officer that offered to enforce those rulings, is guilty of Murder.

The Merseyside Police department have offered to "to take action" against any who commit to print what I have just done above.
I invite any of them with the spine to come to Tennessee, and try their luck. Just a reminder, though: WE have guns, And out here, there is a rifle behind every tree.


It seems the plant-mongers were smarter than I was.
Remember that heirloom tomato I got on the cheap?
And planted after all the freezes?
Well, it snowed the other night, and there was some sleet the next day, and now my big tomato plant's leves are all wilted - I forgot that tomatoes don't care for the cold much, and it doesn't have to freeze to ruin them.

Well, perhaps it will send up some new leaves - it certainly is big enough.

The parsley, viola and daffodil are all fine.


We only recently acquired the new Consular grounds, and found them a trifle . . . bland.
For starters, we set up 3 planters in the front yard, about a third of the way to the road, and therein planted dog fennel and poppies.
None came up.

More recently, the late freezes (Finally!) passing, we went to some of the local plant vendors on what I am tempted to call a "Charlie Brown" mission - picking up the unloved plants on sale at rock bottom prices.
We had hoped to find some Dusty Millers, of the sort we had gradually filled the planters around our former Consular grounds, but these appear to have passed out of fashion, and are not stocked.
But we did find:
1) A daffodil for 50¢. I had noticed a line of (bloomless) daffodils straggling up long the back driveway, so I added one - only this one has blooms!
2) A viola. Lovely smell - shame they're so short. Planted this along the front walk.
3) An heirloom tomato. Put that in the back, starting my garden,
4) A Parsley. I already have one I got around New Year's.These are traditionally the sort of plants you keep alive in a window sill, But I have limited sun in the windows, so I plan to consign at least one to the garden.

Meanwhile, trying to sprout some orange bell peppers, iceberg lettuce, and more dog fennel.

Part IV

(I *knew* I was forgetting something!)

One more thing Dr. Peterson mentioned in his appearance on Fox's "Gutfeld" show was his opinion that one should tell the truth because it make the future you a better person.
(he uses the word "extract")

Again, I am Dumbfounded by that statement.
The capacity to improve oneself by telling the truth depend entirely on who you are telling it To. And in any number of autocracies, some still in living memory, telling the truth was a Great way to get yourself, if not killed outright, then immured in an endless living death in some sort of mass- incarceration scheme.

Personally, I *do* advocate telling the truth, whenever you think you have a good chance of surviving it, but Not because it makes one "better".
I advocate it precisely because it is potentially fatal. Telling the truth is an act of courage, of defiance of those who control you, the way walking down a dark street at a steady pace, with your head held high, is an act of defiance.

Telling the truth might be the end of you (and that is the polar opposite of "improvement"), but until it is, it will encourage your fellows, and deter the worst impulse of all but the most dedicated potential adversaries.
In short, telling the truth probably won't improve You, but it will improve the world around you.

That is arguably a pagan, barbarian valuation.
And I'm fine with that,

Afterthought re Ubiquinol:

I am on low (Verry low) doses of he weakest statin out there.

Statins tend to deplete Ubiquinol. so perhaps not everyone my age would benefit as much from the full 300 mg/day I am taking.