Check out our newest tutorial for the MMORTS in Unity where we start working with the new Unity UI toolkit

It's kind of amazing when you realize how many indie developers and studios there our out there making games. Being an is no longer special nor unique. Just means we have to work even harder!

Another update, mountains! Still needs some work though, it's definitely not quite looking like a mountain yet

So I went a tad silent, but it's because I've really been working to get the look I wanted, I think I'm finally getting it. (Cube = human size)

Just a reminder that we have a discord channel where we talk a lot more about upcoming projects and just tech in general

There's a long road ahead to being successful. Kingdoms of Marazia is requiring a full rewrite, we have to make a new game and try to make it profitable. Plus there are no guarantees anything works out. However we are commited to seeing things through. Kingdoms will see its rewrite finished along with regular updates. Our next project will be finished as well.

This is just the beginning, thank you all for the amazing support. I couldn't imagine this without you.

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