The Tears of Clowns: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Never Going To Save You. Don't Mourn Her.

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♻️ The Creativity Delusion: Geniuses Steal 

How the CIA gave America dissociative identity disorder pt 1/2 / After School Democracy ep 42

America has two sides, the one the piblic believed it was, the hero, and the side that was kept purposely from them, the anti-democracy/rule of law tyrrant. 50 years later the papers became declassified though there was no effort from the government to disseminate the info to the public so people like us have to do it.


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FluffyChat (, a Dart/Flutter-powered Matrix client got 0.17 release!

- Message edits! EEEEE!
- Room pinning.
- Emoji reactions.

Announced in Matrix, but no builds available yet.

Fuck China and fuck America
Fuck Russia and fuck EU
If i could kill all their leaders
I would in a heartbeat do

Fast reactors are almost dream come true. They produce almost no pollution, safe and use fuel that won't run out soon and unlike other reactors they can recycle nuclear waste, which makes it so much more tragic that government around the world shut their projects down.

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Chromium, aka Google, just keeps proposing new standards to make the web less private and secure for users. We need to find a way to stop this.

Allow JavaScript to make direct TCP and UDP connections? Sure!

Packaging up an entire website into a file so individual ads can't be blocked? Also sure!

Envy and realization of their own demise
*Windows 10 implements a Unix translation layer and calls it "Linux on Windows"
*Microsoft has made lots of efforts trying to switch to Git for the development of Windows
*100s of leaked documents and chat logs of (ex-)employees talking/crying about the catastrophic state of MS
*Microsoft has released its own Linux distro for embedded devices
*There are many rumors that MS will eventually build a Linux distro for the desktop

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Internal Windows development
*Source code of Windows and all of its components is unmaintainable spaghetti garbage code
*Everything has been kept in a mono-repository of hundreds of GiBs
*NTFS is close to being abandoned by Microsoft and its developers are afraid to make any further modifications

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File formats
*Every .exe file is based on a DOS compatibility workaround
*Their "real" office programs use proprietary formats and deliberately ignore (open) industry standards
*File/app shortcuts are in a binary format

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Themes and customizations
*Hideous default theme that distracts the user instead of being easy on the user's eye
>Inconsistent styles throughout the entire software catalog of Microsoft
*Shipped Windows 10 initially with buggy window decorations and kindergarten-style icons
*Custom desktop theming requires proprietary 3rd party applications which replace system libraries
*Default wallpaper comes with heavy compression artifacts just to save a few hundred KiB of storage
*Wallpapers in the PNG format will always be transcoded into JPEGs with 60% quality, resulting in compression artifacts
*Multi-monitor wallpapers start their 0x0 coordinate at the primary screen instead of the most left one
*Can't customize the sparsely available desktop keyboard shortcuts
*No system-wide icon themes, as icon bitmaps are embedded into executables themselves

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Desktop usage
*Only one desktop environment is available (THE Windows desktop)
*Uses several GiB of memory in idle state because of bloat- and telemetry spyware
*File/program search doesn't work properly and yields irrelevant results in most cases
*No real (tiling/stacking) window management
*Virtual desktops are very poorly implemented and were only just added in Windows 10
*Windows Explorer doesn't have tabs
*Windows Explorer doesn't have split views
*Windows Explorer creates hidden cache files everywhere for thumbnails and directory stats/configs
*Windows Explorer has many redundancies in its menus and also uses a confusing, space wasting ribbon menu
*Windows Explorer is tied to the desktop environment itself
*Lock-screen requires swipe or keypress for entering the password, but doesn't pass through modifier keys

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*DirectX is tied to Windows and is platform exclusive
*Forces tripple buffering of the entire desktop environment and its applications run in non-exclusive window mode

*Terrible sound system where each application can choose its playback device individually
*No sound input/output routing, cloning or any other rulesets

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*Internet Explorer and Edge are deeply implemented into the OS itself, which is a huge security flaw
*Internet Explorer deliberately ignored web standards for almost two decades
*Windows file sharing for local networks set up insecurely by default with access to the user's home directory
*No native SSH server+client
*Doesn't natively support SFTP (SSHFS), FTPS or any other standard secure network protocols

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File systems
*Only one proprietary file system (NTFS) supported, which is incredibly slow
*NTFS doesn't support checksums, making it unreliable, even in RAID setups
*NTFS restricts certain "system-reserved" file names
*Can't mount, read from or write to other file systems except FAT
*Can't create file names with leading dot in Windows Explorer
*Can't create/access file names with a colon in it in Windows Explorer, even though it's supported by NTFS

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