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I apologise if this is making a strawman of you for the attitude of the opposition to #RMS; I appreciate that you are an FSF associate member (most of the haters aren't), and your opposition has been consistent for some time (most others are just fly-by mudslingers).

Y'all shouted for his ouster from his own organization over a wanton misrepresentation of his words, having "done" nothing in the past decades. Suspicious timing, to say the least.

#stallman #RichardStallman
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>how can you support stallman he did this bad thing in his personal life, it's 2019

Turing did a thing that was considered bad in his personal life - he was gay. He was condemned by polite society for this much the same way Stallman is condemned now. It ruined him, and it drove him to suicide.

Turing committed suicide in 1952. Look at this date, it was only a few decades ago. What we consider polite behavior is fickle, and changes radically over even so brief an amount of time.

Nobody cares today about how Turing was gay. Nobody will care about whatever you are upset at RMS about.

But everyone condemns the people who drove Turing to suicide. And everyone will condemn you.

#fsf #rms #turing #gnu #freedom
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