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In Kerala state, India, the Left Democratic Front, a coalition led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), has won 99 of the 140 assembly seats in the state to come back to power

CPI statement: "Anti-left forces tirelessly tried to sabotage the elections with the help of large amounts of hawala money and by organizing fake protests...The LDF has been able to overcome all these wrong moves because of the strong support of the people of Kerala"

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This Albino young zebra was captured by Roisin Allen in Maasai Mara September 2019, this young zebra brought the debate of actual the color of zebra, it came to be known as zebras are black with white stripes, contrary to what I believed before.

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politics opinion 

imo libertarian socialists and libertarian capitalists have more issues where they can actually find agreement on than authoritarian socialists and authoritarian capitalists, but somehow "red-brownism" is way more widespread than "green-yellowism".

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The #GreatGreenWall is Africa's flagship initiative to combat the increasing #desertification. Led by the African Union, the initiative aims to transform the lives of millions of people by creating a mosaic of green and productive landscapes across North Africa. (Wikipedia)

Follow this account to read about the #history, #ambition, #challenges and #results of the GGW. I will also post #news articles, #ForestFacts, describe the wall's #partners and the Great Green Wall #film.

I'm a private person doing this in my spare time, but if this account gets lots of followers I'll contact the people behind the GGW and ask if I can join their social media team and maintain an official account.

#desert #forest #climate #forestation #reforestation #ClimateMitigation #trees #CO2 #africa #sahara #sahel

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I'm pretty sure the brony instance will last longer than the groyper instance.
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The West's favorite a far-right fundamentalist Christian who opposes homosexuality and gender equality, supports “scriptural spanking” of children, and believes he is “led by God” on a “mission” against China, speaks no Chinese, uses 8 anonymous sources as incontrovertible evidence of genocide, just got his ass sanctioned. Fuck Adrian Zenz.

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EU + encryption + privacy 

26 people already signed a petition at the European Parliament against the adoption of an EU Council's resolution to weaken encrypted communications. This is the Council's proposal:

Residents in EU member states are invited to support the petition here:


Caught your attention? Read this too: patrick-breyer.de/?page_id=594

#EU_politics #privacy #encryption

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Nice find at Target! Tails is a genius. He thinks you should sanitize your paws. Do it.
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Crooked cops play music to kill livestreams: Beverly Hills Police Department Sergeant Billy Fair blasting Sublime's Santeria.



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rupol meme 

guys really live in apartments like this and don't see any issue

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2009: neo-nazis kill a lawyer and a journalist.
2021: prime minister mishustin gives an award to dmitry steshin, a friend of these neo-nazis who supplied them weapons

RT @nesteliza_@twitter.com

19 января 2009 года неонацисты из БОРН убили адвоката Станислава Маркелова и журналистку Новой Газеты Анастасию Бабурову. А спустя 12 лет Мушустин торжественно вручает дружку этих ублюдков премию. Именно Стешин снабжал убийц оружием.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/nesteliza_/status/

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politics rant 

i think my least favorite part about authoritarian leaders saying things like "liberalism is failing" is because it's a statement that a lot of people can agree with, but for reasons so different, these people would never actually form a coalition.

leftists dislike liberal states' weakness to capital's influence and regulatory capture.

conservatives and traditionalists dislike the "loose morals" and tolerance/acceptance of whichever minorities they dislike.

authoritarians dislike the perceived inefficiency of democracy in times of crisis (ignoring their own inefficiencies, of course).

and, of course, these statements ignore that sometimes, the failures are specifically caused by fascists, conservatives, oligarchs, authoritarians and other groups invested in destroying or weakening democracy.

and when said statements come from governments that are authoritarian oligarchies with weak human rights laws and distaste for minority groups, it comes across to me as a dog-whistle.

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there's only one issue in which musk's tunnels for cars are superior to actual public transit: they'll be safer during a pandemic.

and even that, imo, probably has cheaper and easier solutions.

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turns out, that "ddos-guard" company that's currently helping parler's landing page stay online

its services were also used by the f.s.b. while it tried to (unsuccessfully) block telegram in russia

article (in russian): reuters.com/article/orutp-russ

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RT @Chilikto@twitter.com

Твоя 3D-визуализация / 3D-визуализация того парня, о котором песков говорит не беспокоиться

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В это время…

> Дворец для Путина. История самой большой взятки


Текст расследования с документами: palace.navalny.com/

#lang_ru #россия #путин #навальный #видео

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