Season 1 of Kingdoms Of Marazia starts on Friday!!

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I don't know wether I'm someone who texts back too quickly or everyone else is really late at responding to messages.

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Decided to start learning the other day. It's suprising how much new content there is in Latin. It really is a nice language, and there's a lot of good resources out there.

Any Latin speakers?

I've been discriminated against!

Name someone who hasnt been??

A thing about having opinions that aren't popular (Most people think I'm nuts) is its not easy, were it easy everyone would do it. But it's easy to follow the majority, so when people have odd or even some of the crazy opinions I've seen. It's always good to ask why

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software development in 2018

focusing™️ on™️ what™️ really™️ matters™️

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Look at this fucktard

how much larger is his bank account now

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"Celebrities" when they've been on the fedi for 5 minutes and haven't been verified.

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i'm in like 30 or 40 different discord servers and they're all mostly empty and full of mostly the same kinds of people. having special rooms with relays to other discords / IRC improves user experience 100fold

the problem with discord is that anyone can make a server and everyone who does, thinks the server needs to have 30 or 40 different channels. then they feel the need that they need to treat it like an internet forum "you are going off topic!"

just make one damn chatroom . maybe a second or third chatroom if there's like 80 or 100 people talking. more often than not, you don't need 30 chatrooms for 20 active users
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Hey guys I'm just a 9 year old girl but i fully understand the implications behind institutionalized racism and microagressions and I fully put all my efforts into fighting that over just playing with barbie dolls. I promise my parents aren't manipulating what I say and I won't totally end up as a messed up adult because of it.

When people say "People of color" all I can think of is "colored people" its almost like.. its the same thing!

Anyone wanna give me a job programming? I'm preettttyyy goooood

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