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Well that was a bit frustrating.. Was just talking about downtime yesterday too. Had some DNS, hopefully they should clear up for everyone shortly

Nobody ever emails me when the server goes down 🤔

I think I'll set it as my homepage for when I open my web browser. Should solve me not seeing it for long periods of time.

I have hundreds of old videos up on an old channel of me playing with online friends. Watching through them, little me back in 2011 is some weird stuff. Feels weird.

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Check out our newest tutorial for the MMORTS in Unity where we start working with the new Unity UI toolkit

*Pulling into the bread lines with your new 2020 vehicle*

Finding a good doctor is really difficult, you're dealing with something that has a large chance of killing you.. and they generally have 0 care. They want you out as fast as possible. 1 year of visiting doctors and I feel further from a solution than ever

Half the time I have no idea what y'all are talking about. What are you talking about??

Bitcoin.. yeah lemme just wait 3 days for a feeless transfer.

Nano.. Yeah lemme just.. oh wow that was quick

That moment when you really get into a community and then you say "I support free speech and suddenly you don't fit in O.O

Mastodon server goes offline for 24 hours.. takes 24 hours to get everything caught back up


@83rjjr @orangesec_0 @chara Updated the instance to the latest version of Mastodon. As well as some general upkeep tasks. Should run super smooth

Really like this guys videos, always shows unique parts of different countries, also way better at socializing than I'll ever be. But it's interesting to see how absolutely nobody is panicked by the coronavirus in this video

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@Siedge Thanks, personal freedom is important. Not to mention there are many reasons a block could be harmful to well meaning local users.

Take the GAB block. We have users on our server who specifically asked me not to block gab because they monitored accounts on gab for possible hate speech (for example Milo's account). To them it is a safety matter as they want to be aware when/if milo were to dox someone in their community. So to them even though they despise GAB as a platform not blocking is a safety measure for them.

In the end the power should be with the user, I cant predict why or how they might want to follow someone. What matters to me is how our users behave, not what posts they happen to choose to read for whatever reason.

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