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Kingdoms Of Marazia is having a beta test on Monday, if anyone is interested let me know (Its on steam and will not be in VR)

Does anyone else hate when someone says "n word" like they are scared of saying it. Those same people don't say "f word" like OH NO WE CAN'T SAY THAT WORD. A society is pathetic when it fears a single word.

Life of debt to play Frisbee, the good life.

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Whats interesting is after writing my previous post it made me think of your mind like a country and how a country needs borders to protect it. A mind is a delicate thing, if we just let everything in we become a mess. I dealt with this growing up, if you let bad influences into your mind the chaos that ensues can be very bad. You don't let things in unfiltered, you look at things and say does this thing follow logic and reason to it's conclusion. (However this method doesn't always work if you've already let bad things into your mind. Once the mind has been invaded it's hard to know which is bad and which is good)

Point being take care of your mental health and don't fear being called closed minded. If everyone else is crazy it's not closed minded to not want to be crazy too.

(End random thought of the day)

A lot of people call themselves open minded but from what I see they appear moreso to be without the ability to think for themselves, part of a "hive mind" so to speak. I've ran into these people and they seem to just accept whatever people tell them. Like when you disagree with someone they will say "That's because you aren't open minded" except it's usually not a case of close mindedness but moreso of critical thinking skills.

We had a walmart greeter at a local Walmart for like 13 years now (He was retired he just did it to give him something to do) Very nice Filipino man. Everytime I see him in public we talk. He's moving but he's definitely been someone that has made a difference on people. Literally you could bring him up in conversation to anyone who lives here and they would know him. Just seen him at a Lowe's and stopped and talked for 10-15 minutes, going to miss our little run ins. Very educated man who became a greeter at walmart just because he enjoyed people, wish more people were like him! Will miss him!

"I support a free and open web... if we can regulate it heavily"

If I don't reply after this, I was murdered. Just sayin.

I just had this memory of when I was at bestbuy a few years back (I was probably 15 at the time) I needed some computer stuff and we were in a town with a bestbuy so I said hey I'll just get it here instead of ordering online. I didn't have my wallet on me so I asked my dad if he would pay for it and I'd pay him back when we got home. He said sure and I grabbed the stuff, went to buy it and this guy makes a comment about how it must be nice still having your parents pay for expensive stuff like that.

Honestly I don't really get bothered by stuff like that so I just chuckled and was like "Yeah it's definitely nice". I actually wasn't upset with him, I sorta understood him. How many 16 year olds come in with their parents and their parents spend thousands on them for a new iPhone, computer, etc. While he (about 19?) is sitting there working a job to get what he wants in life. However hardwork builds character, so hopefully he will reap the benefits of becoming a good person, and not hold things against anybody.

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@Siedge has an interesting take on this.

It reminds me of another morning news segment when someone was recommending terrorism insurance also.

It puts the focus on paying for insurance, rather than, say, having more dedicated IT people doing security or upskilling existing staff into security.

They might be focusing on a soundbite and it also makes the segment sound like they are running content advertising instead.

Who can I follow for gaming related stuff? I have a hard time finding people on here who post gaming related content.

If you own the latest smartphone and think you are poor, you aren't poor just dumb

I realize a lot of people don't understand economics. I don't mean that in an insulting way either. People I have talked to recently think pricing doesn't have a basis and when a company charges $30 for something they make $30. Or even the free college debate. We already have a system where anyone can get a loan so anyone can go to college? What have prices done? Gone through the roof. Supply and demand is a real thing.

People need more love these days. Most people will mistake that though for meaning we should allow people to do whatever and just accept them. I think love is the opposite of that. It's like when you have a kid and you punish that kid because you love them and you want what's best for them.

Speak up, tell people the truth. But do it out of a love and care for them. Not out of hate. A bit of love goes a long way.

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