Do you like MMORTS games? Do you like programming?

Well this is for you!

Website has been down. If it's ever down feel free to email me at I'll have it up ASAP. Trying to fix whatever has been causing the outages

Sorry for the downtime everyone, as bad as it sounds I fell asleep during maintenance last night. 🤷

OKAY, downtime is finally over. Been moving a lot of things around and getting things organized but that's all over. We should be good from now on

We may have some downtime today. I'd say I'd let you know when it happens.. but uhh.. You'll know.

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Hope everyone has been doing well!

Things have really been coming together for me, been trying to keep hard at work :)

@orangesec_0 Sorry, sometimes I get super busy. For real I'll get on updating the server ASAP

Taxation is theft.

How does anyone get by with the current crazy tax rates??

Dondergod did a video on an old version of Kingdoms of Marazia. It's nice to see how things have changed.

Just realized I wrote know instead of now. Tired posting is fun :D

I've really tried to take Marcus Aurelius's advice on a lot of things, and even know something comes to mind. I believe he said something along the lines of..

The goal is not to be in the majority, the goal is to find yourself having escaped the ranks of the insane.

I'm okay having a harder time in life if it means I can live a moral and just life.. and who knows maybe I'll end up successful one day. That new version of KoM is looking beautiful ;)

I constantly run into issues where my beliefs or even just me being open about what I think gets me into trouble, or makes my life more difficult. I'm a game developer that just wants to make a living making games, but somehow you get on the wrong side of the wrong people and everything goes downhill.

I actually lost an artist I was working with a while back due to the fact that he found out I believed in free speech and wouldn't ban someone with opposing views from my games discord server.

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