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"Mcdonalds is cheap" "Ha yeah right, I eat three full dinners for $1"

So, my best solution for all my issues is running Linux with a windows 10 virtual machine, sadly I can't use wine as for development I need some windows store features at this moment. Ubuntu seems to have won me over, over openSUSE and Fedora, and gnome is my option for stability and KDE for usability, hopefully I can get both one day (KDE doesn't like to play nice sometimes)

"You are going to be single your entire life unless you learn to compromise" "Sorry but I'll just stay single then, I'm not eating mayonaise, ever"

Windows gets worse and worse everytime I try it. When windows 10 came out I was pretty impressed yet with every update they manage to make it worse some way or another, how is this even possible.

Why do apple and microsofts operating systems hold far more market share than linux? Because things work, time is valuable and spending 3 hours trying to figure out why your task bar disappears, or why your programs keep crashing isn't in anyones best interest. Stability is key.

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ITM Everyone. And to our fellow slaves across the pond, specifically Kent: do you have your egg and flour license? ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Me after successfully compiling OBS in the first try.

The latest display driver from Nvidia has audio issues (at least in my case) over display port. Updating to the latest stable release on their website fixes the issue.

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@fl0wn @xj9 @lain @siedgeย  he she itย  anyone can call you what ever they like this is the internet no one cares just like real life.

I love when people claim to be mentally ill. When I had issues, I never flaunted them. OHH I'M MENTALLY ILL CONFORM TO MY WISHES, But it has the opposite effect for me "Oh they are mentally ill, I probably should be a strong voice for them and not give in to their transgressions.

Plans from now until monday.

Get my computer setup with all the tools I use (I went with KDE Neon. Its nice)

Get the servers and client project files fixed and commited to git.

Get new person on the project access and get ready to start the new week.

@fl0wn Let the record show that as a fellow human, I enjoy you.

Okay so. I was running three monitors. Unplugged 2. Everything is working smoothly, and onnnn we go.

KDE Neon boots to a black screen and a cursor. Why me. o.o Why all the problems for me!

So I REALLY like KDE but I'm still deciding what distro to run KDE on. Hmm tough choices. It may intact end up being openSUSE

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Lessons the tech industry needs to learn:
1) you are not steve jobs
2) steve jobs wasn't steve jobs either
3) you don't really want to be steve jobs anyway
4) he sucks

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I'm a guy who is so paranoid I backup all my files every 24 hours. Well after installing leap and doing a bit of work yesterday I figured "Man theres no reason to setup all that stuff tonight, I'm exhausted" ended up losing yesterdays work. Feels like I lost an entire day of my life, odd.