If anyone knows of anywhere that is hiring a game developer please let me know!

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For anyone who doesn't know, you can check out our discord below..


(Seriously check it out!)

What is with my. bad habit of mentally checking out from all social media. It's so hard to remember to check this thing

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Dang, all these "tools to enable cross platform play" (Basic networking??) means I don't get to he early. My goal has always been for all my games to have cross platform multiplayer, looks like I don't get early bird points

I have a confession.. I don't cable manage things.. Ever :'(

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There's a long road ahead to being successful. Kingdoms of Marazia is requiring a full rewrite, we have to make a new game and try to make it profitable. Plus there are no guarantees anything works out. However we are commited to seeing things through. Kingdoms will see its rewrite finished along with regular updates. Our next project will be finished as well.

This is just the beginning, thank you all for the amazing support. I couldn't imagine this without you.

As soon as I finish setting up my home server I can free up some space on our main server, I'll finally be able to do the things I've been wanting to do now that I'll have free space. Very excited!

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So.. I haven't been updating much.. So here's a small update. I've begun rewriting Kingdoms of Marazia from scratch. A lot will change but hopefully it becomes a better game. I am looking at going away from a tile based system and just having one big free roamable world.

I hope to have pictures and videos to post soon, currently figuring out how the new networking will work.

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Drinking milk from cow tiddy in public: fine

Drinking milk from gf tiddy in public: not fine

Wtf society??? Sort this out

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If you ever regain consciousness and are unsure where you are, just look in the nearest refrigerator:

- shelf stable condiments?
- bread?
- eggs and butter?
- potato chips?

Yep, this is an American refrigerator. You're still free.

Redditor arguing how "Gaming communities are typically the hubs for the alt-right" what's hilarious is I just seen an article titled that EXACT WAY a week ago. These people are nuts

Basically it's "Announcement: I may end up doing stuff."

I'll look into updating to the newest mastodon version this week.

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