Redditor arguing how "Gaming communities are typically the hubs for the alt-right" what's hilarious is I just seen an article titled that EXACT WAY a week ago. These people are nuts

Basically it's "Announcement: I may end up doing stuff."

I'll look into updating to the newest mastodon version this week.

One day SJWism will come in the form of Anti-SJWism

These ads saying "Just vote" are so funny. It feels like a huge push for uneducated voters to vote. Don't just vote. Voting has crazy consequences, peoples lives are in your hands. Do some research, it took me some years to really grasp where I stood on issues and I still learn as time goes on. Don't just vote based on some garbage you hear.

You know why today people think there is no difference between men and women? Because todays men are women.

Do you disagree with CNN? You could be a nazi! Take our quiz today!

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Responded to a post on reddit disagreeing (Someone seen a video of KKK members getting blown up and confused them with Nazis???) about stuff. Good lord, these people have no shame. Went around posting on my subreddits and emailing my employer (How do I know they emailed my employer? I am my employer -.-) I don't hide in the shadows like most people online, and I see why people are too scared. Imagine losing your job for disagreeing

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We have a patreon now! If you like our games, our freespeech instance, or anything else we do feel free to check it out at

I don't toot much.. but when I do it's about the most random thing ever.

It's always something new with the outrage machine. It attempts to keep you in a constant state of outrage. Trump has just been a target that it has used frequently, just imagine how scary that is. The idea of a system setup to keep you in a constant mindset of hate towards one group or another, let's be honest it doesn't care about what group. The people constantly telling you about these nazis, are the same kind of people that were telling you about those scary negros

*Does bad thing*


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got these neat capacitative gloves. they work with touch screens!
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