We had a walmart greeter at a local Walmart for like 13 years now (He was retired he just did it to give him something to do) Very nice Filipino man. Everytime I see him in public we talk. He's moving but he's definitely been someone that has made a difference on people. Literally you could bring him up in conversation to anyone who lives here and they would know him. Just seen him at a Lowe's and stopped and talked for 10-15 minutes, going to miss our little run ins. Very educated man who became a greeter at walmart just because he enjoyed people, wish more people were like him! Will miss him!

After nearly 12 years in retirement, I am now doing nearly the Same Thing, only at McDonald's!

(Wonder if anyone will tell stories 'bout me . . . )

@Siedge that Filipino is finding away to make a difference... that what America was about. we can do that in our own time u see him... say kumusta... that means how are u

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