Whats interesting is after writing my previous post it made me think of your mind like a country and how a country needs borders to protect it. A mind is a delicate thing, if we just let everything in we become a mess. I dealt with this growing up, if you let bad influences into your mind the chaos that ensues can be very bad. You don't let things in unfiltered, you look at things and say does this thing follow logic and reason to it's conclusion. (However this method doesn't always work if you've already let bad things into your mind. Once the mind has been invaded it's hard to know which is bad and which is good)

Point being take care of your mental health and don't fear being called closed minded. If everyone else is crazy it's not closed minded to not want to be crazy too.

(End random thought of the day)

@Siedge Yeah. When people accuse me of being closed-minded it's always because I won't wholeheartedly accept what they believe. In fact, it's also a case of someone accusing others of their own sin, because they are never open-minded about changing their beliefs. It's their own closed-mindedness that leads them to accuse me of it.

Of course, we need to remember the caution about not keeping the mind so open that everything falls out.-)

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