Does anyone else hate when someone says "n word" like they are scared of saying it. Those same people don't say "f word" like OH NO WE CAN'T SAY THAT WORD. A society is pathetic when it fears a single word.

@D The word nigger and the word fuck were the two I was referring too.

I have long noticed the way people 'swallow' the word "Black", when used as a race identifier.
And by 'swallow', I mean the voice volume drops, they dip their heads . . . but strangely, tend to keep eye contact.

It is really very much like they are afraid of the word.
But what they are really afraid of is marking themselves as outside of the current Overton Window.

@Siedge I like pushing. "Which N word?" "Which F word? There's Fuck, Ford, Faggot..." Make it less painful to just say it. :-)

@jeremiah Yeah, they are words, they have the power and meaning you give them, now I'm not going to go cursing in most conversations as I just don't find it to be polite. However if it's a conversation where you are going to say "F word" just say fuck it makes things less weird.

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