I fail to understand how people drink coke and similar drinks daily.

@Siedge they open the container, put it to their mouths, and swallow as it comes in. Pretty straight-forward. It also helps to have some serious brain damage and a taste for battery acid.

Are you kidding? The sense of surging capacity, the illusion of competence . . . oh, wait, you said "Drink".

More seriously, one could easily replace "smoking", or "autoerotic asphyxiation", or "zoo porn". Humans demonstrate a Lot of behavioral diversity, so what vices we give in to are nor especially likely for others to empathize with.

@Siedge then just don't understand. I don't understand this sort of failure. =)

@baddude Fair enough. I need better understanding skills I suppose :P

@Siedge you know one thing I "fail" to understand? On the topic of screwball grammar, the phrasing of using "zero" instead of no/none. (the phrase "zero fucks" is an exception given how it's blown up in memes, carving out an idiom). But I can be a mad grammar nazi, more just for fun than getting pissy and taking on a grammar teacher tone.

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