Responded to a post on reddit disagreeing (Someone seen a video of KKK members getting blown up and confused them with Nazis???) about stuff. Good lord, these people have no shame. Went around posting on my subreddits and emailing my employer (How do I know they emailed my employer? I am my employer -.-) I don't hide in the shadows like most people online, and I see why people are too scared. Imagine losing your job for disagreeing

@Siedge This is why privacy is so important on the internet. Because the internet is full of no lifers that want to destroy your life. And this is why the "I don't have anything to hide" argument is stupid.

What did "your employer" answer them anyways? I'm curious.

@proxeus Ha, I didn't respond. I deleted them from my game subreddits and moved on. I mean, it doesn't bother me at all, even if my game sales rely on a good public image. I just got so sick of having to hide my opinions from people, why would I want to go my life in fear of saying one wrong thing?

@Siedge @proxeus Daniel Vavra stood up to these cunts and all it did was make people like him and his game more (helps that it was a good game obviously)
@Siedge @proxeus Oh come on! I wasn't implying that at all. I was more justifying why lots of the games made by gamergate people, when they actually DID get completed, weren't any better received.

@DetectiveHyde @proxeus I was just being silly, I insult my game often! It brings my joy.

@DetectiveHyde @proxeus I just learned I can't even succeed at basic english spelling. Yippee!!

@Siedge disagreeing about what specifically? Like if I say "people deserve to access services regardless of race or gender" and you say "I disagree" then maybe you shouldn't have a job.

@SallyStrange Let's add race as well. I believe white people deserve the same treatment as everyone else. I think being anti-white is absolutely abhorrent

@Siedge it seems you're having difficulty following along. Allow me to clarify. Consider the following scenario:

Person A: Everyone deserves equal access to services, even those dirty low down white people.

Person B: I disagree! White people should be shunned and disenfranchised at every turn.

Both A and B clearly dislike white people. But B has "just disagreed." Should B lose their job?

@SallyStrange I mean in my opinion none should. But by your standard both should. Both are racists

@Siedge in other words, sometimes people SHOULD get fired "just for disagreeing."

So. Care to be more specific about what your particular disagreement was?

@SallyStrange I'm saying they shouldn't be fired. But by your standard they should be, because they are racists. Like you and your white hate, you are a racist.

@Siedge oh, are you actually reading what I write now? Wonderful.

You're acting like you think racism is a bad thing. I'm wondering if you can explain what precisely is bad about racism, as you conceive it.

@Siedge As usual, "What is racism and why is it bad" is troublesome question for those who purport to be concerned about racism against white people.

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