These ads saying "Just vote" are so funny. It feels like a huge push for uneducated voters to vote. Don't just vote. Voting has crazy consequences, peoples lives are in your hands. Do some research, it took me some years to really grasp where I stood on issues and I still learn as time goes on. Don't just vote based on some garbage you hear.

@Siedge the reason they want younger people to just vote is because if they do, there's a high chance they'll pay more attention to whatever they voted for, and then vote again next time

@ivesen It's a terrible tactic especially with how hard some of these things are to understand. In Florida we have things on the ballot poorly written and mashed together

"Should offshore drilling and vaping be legal" is basically one of them. They mixed those two together, which is nuts. They have one called "Rights for crime victims" which is the biggest joke ever and so unconstitutional both democrats and republicans in my area have advocated for a no vote. A yes vote could ruin lives

@Siedge oh sorry, I forgot that your country was insane

@ivesen Yeah, we are super divided right now, I guess thats why it upsets me a bit, we are going through a huge cultural change and theres just so much craziness going on. It's like "JUST VOTE (((for us)))" :D

@ivesen Oh and my country is insane, but I love my country so much. Like it's absolutely amazing here

@Siedge @ivesen

YES. Years ago I lived in a state that wanted me to vote on whether we should "ban future riverboat casino expansion and give more money to public schools". I voted no and all the NPCs got really mad at me.

@jack @ivesen Yeah if two unrelated things are together regardless how I feel about them, instant no.

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