Been doing some investigating.. Here's what I found.

"That concept of free speech".. meaning free speech.

Very sad too because it's a whole game dev instance that probably doesn't realize how much it misses out on.

@Siedge you should make an account there and see how long it takes for them to throw a fit about it

@Siedge bypassing these blocks is also hella trivial. you just need a bot that mirrors all your posts, on an instance that is not blocked by the other one.


> That concept of free speech

As opposed to ... some other concept of free speech?

I'm waiting for some modern SJW professor to make a chart of the various 'types' of free speech and some bullshit about why some are better than the others.

@Siedge Holy shit, I'm on their banned list?!

I've never even heard of them before?! I don't think I've even interacted with anyone on this instance before. Am I on a list of instances to block now?

@djsumdog Probably.. Sorry you probably have gotten associated with instances like mine. Once people see "free speech" mentioned its over. I had my instance up a week before it made a block list.. and I didn't post much.

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