Been doing some investigating.. Here's what I found.

"That concept of free speech".. meaning free speech.

Very sad too because it's a whole game dev instance that probably doesn't realize how much it misses out on.

@Siedge you should make an account there and see how long it takes for them to throw a fit about it

@Siedge bypassing these blocks is also hella trivial. you just need a bot that mirrors all your posts, on an instance that is not blocked by the other one.

@levi @Siedge FSE is run by a leftist who non-sarcastically thinks that "racism" and "anti-semitism" and "conspiracy theories" are bad. think about that. except, you can't think, about anything, because you only have an IQ of 80. so go back to flipping taco shells on the side of the road, okay paco?

@levi @chara Ohhh is your instance FSE.. HEY, why would this instance be a dumpster. That's not nice!

@Siedge @chara
Why do you think you have chara? dude got the banhammer and immediately made an account over at your place

many such cases

@levi @Siedge and all it took was saying "maybe judaism isn't the best" one too many times to hurt the soy-phenotyped webmaster's FEELINGS. think about that (you can't).

@levi @chara An instance called Free Speech Extremist that bans people for their speech. That's pretty pathetic. I'll stay over here in my actual free speech zone. I like it here.

And Chara is definitely welcome!

@Siedge @chara
lol chara got b& for trying to take down another instance and thus other people's free speech

He just makes up some weird conspiracy theory to try to cover it up but that's what happened

@levi @Siedge have you considered that the only reason @pete keeps you around is because you're inevitably kosher, no matter how edgy you think you are or try to be?

@Siedge @chara
yeah he was plotting to report to their hosting provider on a bogus claim just to cause the admin trouble

@levi @Siedge hosting child porn on a server in a country where child porn is illegal is very much not a "bogus claim", you fucking retard

@Siedge @chara
Our admin called it a "conspiracy" which gave chara the opportunity to claim that he was being banned for like :alexjones: -style stuff but in reality it was for conspiring to take down other people's free speech

@levi @Siedge you are literally about 5 seconds away from me just blocking you. this is not a joke

@levi @Siedge have you EVER said ANYTHING ACTUALLY controversial in your entire posting career? because, I really don't think that you have.

@Siedge @chara @levi Yeah, Chara's lying. You just have to look at our public timeline to verify that.
@Siedge @chara @levi he was banned because he literally doesn't believe in free speech other than himself

@levi @Siedge don't forget that @Folk and @Aphid were also banned for basically just saying "maybe judaism isn't the best", you disingenuous little beaner fuck

@chara @Aphid @Folk @Siedge
ok I know this isn't gonna mean anything for you but so maybe another person gets educated on the chara question watch this

Judaism is a satanic antichrist religion and it's followers deserve every bit of persecution and much more

@p (our admin)

I will not be banned for this post because I'm not trying to take down another instance
@levi @chara @Aphid @Folk @Siedge Conspiracy theories are just ideas, actual conspiracies are actions. Chara was trying to rally people to mass-report smuglo, not cool. Same shit folk got banned for.

There is 0% chance someone on here gets banned for just conspiracy theories. I dropped Twitter because of what happened to :alexjones: (before he got banned from there, but after the Day of the Great Unpersoning). I love conspiracy theories. I was sad when Art Bell died.
@chara @Folk @Siedge @levi Chara, you're the alt-right version of the admin, you've got some kind of fixation on this server and you never miss an opportunity to lie about it. @Aphid has not been banned, he's just inactive. I didn't even ban @Ricotta . Eat a damn dick, I'm gonna just continue being awesome.

pleroma=# select (info ->> 'deactivated') from users where nickname = 'Aphid';
(1 row)
I get the feeling that FSE is filled of people with strong opinions about stuff (sometimes rightful) and edgy idiots

But FireDragon seems filled of legitimately mentally ill people... I feel tempted to log in just out of curiosity

@p @chara @Siedge @levi @Aphid

@Elfie @p @levi @chara @Aphid You are definitely welcome to stop by. I can't really speak to the quality of my userbase, it is sorta just anyone's allowed.

@Elfie @levi @Aphid @Siedge if you've got something to say to me then just say it like a human being.

@Elfie @levi @Aphid @Siedge

"mentally ill" --> "anyone who disagrees with my political opinions"

see also:
"schizophrenic" --> "racist" but too obviously smart to call a "redneck"
"sociopath" --> "racist" but too obviously charismatic to call a "redneck"

in this way, Terry Davis is "schizophrenic", Felix Kjellberg is "a sociopath", Mike Enoch is just "a redneck", but they are all "mentally ill"

there are plenty of those my dude, you're just insane, just that :1

@chara @Siedge @Aphid @levi

@Elfie @levi @Aphid @Siedge thanks for reminding me that i'm still not a leftist, and that i am also very smart and charismatic.

did you seriously went through my profile?
thanks for having interest in me, that's really kind of you

@chara @Siedge @Aphid @levi

@Elfie @levi @Aphid @Siedge leftism is an ACTUAL mental illness. you have to ACTUALLY be broken to be a leftist, which you are. YOU are broken, not me. I am normal. I am more normal than you will ever be.

@Elfie @levi @Aphid @Siedge you're an NPC. i'm literally talking to a robot. a zombie. you're not even human. you're literally not even worth continuing to talk to, because i've clearly reached the end of your stephen colbert programmed dialogue tree. so, you're blocked. the good news is that 40% of trannies kill themselves, the bad news is it's not 100%.

Are you honestly not aware you look deranged?
That lack of self awareness wouldn't really surprise me though

@chara @Siedge @Aphid @levi

@Elfie @levi @Aphid @Siedge a leftist calling me deranged is like a nigger calling me a nigger. it's like the pot calling the kettle a nigger.

I¡m not leftist, I don't follow any political party or ideology

@chara @Siedge @Aphid @levi

@Elfie @levi @Aphid @Siedge your entire twitter feed is full of tranny-enabler posts, and crytyping about "THE EVIL RACIST ALT RIGHT BIGOT DRUCKKKF KKK!!!!!'. you're a leftist whether you realize it or not. you're a hopelessly kosher NPC-body drone. rick and morty stephen colbert john oliver bill maher foot soldier shock troop cannon fodder. wretch.

That made less sense than usual, did you take your meds? I can't get angry at your post if it's just gibberish :/

@chara @Siedge @Aphid @levi

@Elfie @levi @Aphid @Siedge just fucking LOL it only took you 6 posts to say the clinton word "meds". you leftists are so hopelessly fucking predictable. dude, just kill yourself already like the other 40% of trannies.

I'm not trans and you should take meds you Klearly Krazy... Guy
I ran out ideas for the last K :(

@chara @Siedge @Aphid @levi

@Elfie @levi @Aphid @Siedge the holocaust never happened but it should have and hopefully another one happens soon. stay permanently blocked, you clinton NPC tranny faggot

@p :checkem: Chara, you're the alt-right version of the admin

Best quote I've seen so far this morning :corndog: @Aphid @levi @Siedge @chara @Folk
@p @chara @Siedge @levi p, im sorry, its the example i can use that resonates with people without all but linking to some instance that hosts child porn
@p @chara @Siedge @levi lollin and lmaoin that these firedragon dudes are huge fucking cucks that host a gitlab just to post a fucking dissertation on why some 20 year old woman's single user instance makes them cry and shit their pants tho like lfmaooooo how fucking sad is that
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