The website I was using to cross post to twitter for Game dev posts blocked my instance, you know cuz game dev is sooo evil


It's dumb. I find myself blocked from more instances as time goes on. My views aren't controversial as far as I'm aware, I advocate free speech and do game development stuff.

So a tool I was using to auto post between twitter and mastodon for my game dev posts decided "He's bad, his voice shouldn't be heard" makes me a tad sad.

@ivesen @Siedge Imagine for a moment that a man can say whatever he likes and also has in his possession a gun.

The issue with censorship is.. My voice may utter the words, but their ears cannot hear them. I can scream loud but it doesn't make my words heard even a bit more

@Siedge you have to figure that some people are literally just not smart enough to understand your posts

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