I constantly run into issues where my beliefs or even just me being open about what I think gets me into trouble, or makes my life more difficult. I'm a game developer that just wants to make a living making games, but somehow you get on the wrong side of the wrong people and everything goes downhill.

I actually lost an artist I was working with a while back due to the fact that he found out I believed in free speech and wouldn't ban someone with opposing views from my games discord server.

@Siedge Sorry to hear that. What happened to your studio though? Before I joined this server, I googled what Fire Dragon Studio was and the results listed an address that is now closed. Is everything alright?

Oh everything is still going :)

Currently working on an update to Kingdoms of Marazia (our MMORTS)

Honestly I was just talking about some stuff that happened when someone working with me on a project found out I supported free speech.

It happens though! All good.

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