Taxation is theft.

How does anyone get by with the current crazy tax rates??

@Siedge i believe in a progressive tax rate
10% income tax for the bottom 98%
80% wealth tax for the top 2%

If I were to agree with taxes. I'd believe in the same tax rate for everyone. Everyone should pay the same percentage.

Also the idea that the government ever needs more than 10% of someones money is ridiculous.

With income tax, property tax, unemployment tax, sales tax, and all the other taxes. You pay taxes so many times along the way. The united states didn't even used to have an income tax. It's all waste and the whole system keeps getting more and more wasteful.

@Siedge @chara this: government doesnt need more taxes, it needs to manage its budget properly

Like that'll ever happen. We allow the bottom 20% of the population to drag us as far down as we can, and we gladly let them.

@wowaname @Siedge @chara

It’s a bit tongue in cheek, whiskey would have been a more subtle joke, but I don’t think this one landed quite right either. Oh well.
@dead @Siedge @chara yeah i figured you were trying to make a joke but im sorry i didnt understand it
@dead @Siedge @chara i wont push you to explain it either because the punchline ship has sailed, and this isnt reddit
@wowaname @Siedge @chara

One day I’ll realize I’m not funny, but today is not that day.
@chara @Siedge fuck off. How about 10% for everyone and we cut the size of the government like it should be.

@vix @Siedge man, imagine non-sarcastically playing defense for jewish 2%ers. are you part of the tribe? are you jewish? are you jewish? you sound like a kike. hey, kike, here's an idea: the holocaust never happened, BUT IT SHOULD HAVE, and hopefully another one happens SOON.

@chara @Siedge hey faggot, I’m part of the 2% and I’m no kike. Take your communism elsewhere

@vix @Siedge how much did jewish zuckerberg bezos & goldstein pay you for this post? how many layers of JEWISH KIKE SHILL are you on right now?

@vix @Siedge "oy vey! they're after my shekels! it's like anudda shoah! shut it down! SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!"

@vix @Siedge "80% wealth tax? i wouldn't even be able to pay my antifa goyim anymore! oy gevalt!"

@vix @Siedge fucking idiot nigger kike-slave KILL YOURSELF. you are permanently blocked. never talk to me again.

@vix @Siedge idiot retard tranny kike, fuck off back to your gay ops discord

@chara @Siedge also you spammed me with a whole lot of insults and no argument.

@wowaname @Siedge i don't know who you are, but for non-sarcastically playing defense for JEWISH KIKE 2%ers, you must be a jewish kike yourself, and/or a faggot discord tranny. you are permanently blocked. kill yourself, kike. the holocaust never happened, but it should have, and hopefully another one happens soon.

@wowaname my favorite™ chara-ism is that "edge" is code for "racist"
@chara @Siedge
I'd rather just take all the wealth and reigns of power from the Jews and then eliminate social programs and income tax.
Seeing as we don't, CURRENTLY, live in a world where this can be done, becoming a communist dictatorship to starve the commies - which is most Jews and otherwise comprised of other undesirables - seems pretty legit. As we've seen with Russia once you get out it has the added benefit of slaying Liberalism too!
@IsaacWestcott @chara @Siedge 50% of americans are on government benefits, but it wasn't real capitalism, right?
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