Alright so I had 100 reports in my backlog.. I have had reports on users on my instance of people saying "Do you support this type of speech on your platform" the answer.. and sadly is yes, as long as the stuff posted is legal and not spam I support it. Does this allow toxicity to exist.. yes but just as I don't want my speech limited I don't want to do that to others. Now for users on my instance.. try to limit reports to bots, spam, and illegal activity, death threats (see before) and doxing.


I support all speech, although I find absolutely 99% of people insane.. I can easily manually mute things I don't feel like seeing. Limiting other people just makes you feel good, let people be.

However at the same time that doesn't mean I endorse nor does Fire Dragon Studios endorse anything posted on this platform, in-fact I'm finding it to be quite the opposite 🤷 but people once again have the right to speak, that's never going to change

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