I just had this memory of when I was at bestbuy a few years back (I was probably 15 at the time) I needed some computer stuff and we were in a town with a bestbuy so I said hey I'll just get it here instead of ordering online. I didn't have my wallet on me so I asked my dad if he would pay for it and I'd pay him back when we got home. He said sure and I grabbed the stuff, went to buy it and this guy makes a comment about how it must be nice still having your parents pay for expensive stuff like that.

Honestly I don't really get bothered by stuff like that so I just chuckled and was like "Yeah it's definitely nice". I actually wasn't upset with him, I sorta understood him. How many 16 year olds come in with their parents and their parents spend thousands on them for a new iPhone, computer, etc. While he (about 19?) is sitting there working a job to get what he wants in life. However hardwork builds character, so hopefully he will reap the benefits of becoming a good person, and not hold things against anybody.

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