The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon #gephi #dataviz

@Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl Yeah I've got 5 people on mine or so, and I'm the only one who's super active
@pea @Siedge @fdavidcl
i did find your instance
but i could not find shigu
Outer circle is so damn clustered, that i can't read it
@Siedge @fdavidcl @Skoll3 for what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I'm only there because Mike Cole follows me, since it looks like my only line is coming from
@Skoll3 @shmibs @Siedge @fdavidcl well, yeah, I think what was being asked was what was connected to on the map
@Skoll3 @pea @Siedge
i guess soykaf isn't here because of blocklist stuff though maybe...

@fdavidcl did you measure this with like .social as a starting-node?
@shmibs @Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl it's just impossible to read. It's two to the right of
@Skoll3 @pea @Siedge @fdavidcl
no yeah, saw us there; just so many lines x-x

maybe the lines don't even need to be here, seem pretty meaningless if it's closer to everyone connected to everyone, yeh
@shmibs @Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl it's sort of funny how misleadingly far into the JP portion of the map, though, considering i'm not really connection to any of them but
@shmibs @Skoll3 @Siedge @fdavidcl I'm definitely more in the circle
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