I've really tried to take Marcus Aurelius's advice on a lot of things, and even know something comes to mind. I believe he said something along the lines of..

The goal is not to be in the majority, the goal is to find yourself having escaped the ranks of the insane.

I'm okay having a harder time in life if it means I can live a moral and just life.. and who knows maybe I'll end up successful one day. That new version of KoM is looking beautiful ;)

Been doing some investigating.. Here's what I found.

"That concept of free speech".. meaning free speech.

Very sad too because it's a whole game dev instance that probably doesn't realize how much it misses out on.

You know those annoying post that say "Boost this" and give some lame reason for why you should.

This is one of those posts NOW BOOST IT GOSH DARN IT (I want attention plz)

Here's a server.. for reasons unknown

You ever hear about how people used to make fun of retarded people and it was socially accepted? I understand now.

I need to add blood splatters so that people can know the amount of bloodshed that went on here. Took me 4 hours to take that castle down.. Stayed up till 1 am to destroy a castle. What is my life coming to.

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