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Miniature 3d print of a unit from my game super neat.

Working on mine entrances

So I've never really done any web development (I mean sure I've done a bit of html and css but never made anything I would consider usable) So this will be quite the adventure.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a sad thing to see someone suffer with.

Playing mine-craft with my step-sister , she's in VR I'm on desktop

Someone bought a knockoff copy of , very sad.

Life of debt to play Frisbee, the good life.

Nobody ever believes me about how I eat breakfast out for under $4. PROOOOF

Progress update!

Working on tile selection now that networking is done, will start adding in units.

Well that's interesting.

Got the mapping started, hoping for some MAJOR size maps? Maybe 1 million tiles by 1 million tiles?

Good ol' wholesome Iroh.

I'm the Zigzagoon in this example.

@rye I've found myself saying woomy woomy whats for lunch randomly in conversations, it's all your fault.