@hunter0one Just didn't notice it was down. My bad! I did end up doing what I said about setting it to auto load when I open the browser so I'm seeing it every day, usually multiple times a day so I think we'll be good from here on out :)

After reading this I checked out the pinephone. Is it really only $150? That's awesome

@hunter0one Hey I noticed you pulled your video down, hopefully that wasn't because that instance was down.

Nobody ever emails me when the server goes down 🤔

I think I'll set it as my homepage for when I open my web browser. Should solve me not seeing it for long periods of time.

I have hundreds of old videos up on an old channel of me playing with online friends. Watching through them, little me back in 2011 is some weird stuff. Feels weird.

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Check out our newest tutorial for the MMORTS in Unity where we start working with the new Unity UI toolkit


*Pulling into the bread lines with your new 2020 vehicle*

Finding a good doctor is really difficult, you're dealing with something that has a large chance of killing you.. and they generally have 0 care. They want you out as fast as possible. 1 year of visiting doctors and I feel further from a solution than ever

Half the time I have no idea what y'all are talking about. What are you talking about??

Bitcoin.. yeah lemme just wait 3 days for a feeless transfer.

Nano.. Yeah lemme just.. oh wow that was quick

That moment when you really get into a community and then you say "I support free speech and suddenly you don't fit in O.O

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