OKAY, downtime is finally over. Been moving a lot of things around and getting things organized but that's all over. We should be good from now on

We may have some downtime today. I'd say I'd let you know when it happens.. but uhh.. You'll know.

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@papa Well if there's anything specific you'd like to know, I'm sure most of us could answer your questions. Sadly I don't know about any articles or anything specifically. Also there's this for the actual setup guide. docs.joinmastodon.org/administ

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Well so would I. Which I don't keep up on the news with that sorta thing. But keep me updated

Hope everyone has been doing well!

Things have really been coming together for me, been trying to keep hard at work :)

@orangesec_0 Sorry, sometimes I get super busy. For real I'll get on updating the server ASAP

Whats crazy is the hysteria over non-vaccination..

There's more evidence mass immigration has been causing an increase in diseases and illnesses spreading than lack of vaccinations by a small group of the population. These things don't pop out of thin air, usually they come from places where they are common

Oh sorry. They were down its my bad. I meant to post something after I fixed it. Everything should be good.

If things are ever down you can either add me on discord (info on profile) or email me at Garrett@firedragonstudios.com

I try to keep everything working properly I just sometimes don't notice when something breaks

I'm curious how you ended up finding this server specifically? :O

But regardless how. Welcome!!

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