Season 1 of Kingdoms Of Marazia starts on Friday!!

@DetectiveHyde Don't buy my game ;). Can't connect to the server because steam is down? "Unable to connect to server" Can't connect to server because server is down? Same thing. Can't connect to the server because the server couldn't verify you through steam? Same thing. It's horrible I realize

@rye If you use that language again I will send you to your room? Got it??!

@rye D E L E T E T H I S. I expect better language out of you Rye

@mattskala @angristan See but we keep doing that and that's why we lose, aww he cursed at people. Yeah real people do that. Why do we constantly shun normal human actions but embrace some of the worst toxicity possible. I fully supported Linus previously, he was a human infact he's a still guy and the way he got upset about those things was the most passionate part about him.

We keep trying to put humans in a box, and yet we put them in a box that isn't realistic (Yet allow worse)

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@SarcasmKid Someone message you "Hey" I'm immediately like "Hey!" an hour later "Whatcha up to?" Then you are just like "Do I wait an hour to respond??"

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I don't know wether I'm someone who texts back too quickly or everyone else is really late at responding to messages.

@sampo @nepfag Why does microsoft need over 100k employees? 99k to make sure the 1k that actually works doesn't offend anyone

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@DetectiveHyde As a programmer, I end up doing the same stuff. Just some generic message because I can't be bothered to write more than that.

Decided to start learning the other day. It's suprising how much new content there is in Latin. It really is a nice language, and there's a lot of good resources out there.

Any Latin speakers?

I've been discriminated against!

Name someone who hasnt been??

@wakingrufus @freemo Does forcing an individual to do an action they do not wish to do not violate free will? Forcing people to do things is morally wrong. If someone doesn't want to serve me they don't have to, slavery is wrong.

@DetectiveHyde Do you have a LOICENSE to ask this question? Just wanted to make sure.

@freemo I have no stake in this one, but one used the power of the government to force someone to conform to their will, the other one.. is more just people whining about it.

@Dolus @kro @bichosan @nepfag @roka Even today I find the GBA to be crazy. The battery life on that is longer than my xbox controller.

A thing about having opinions that aren't popular (Most people think I'm nuts) is its not easy, were it easy everyone would do it. But it's easy to follow the majority, so when people have odd or even some of the crazy opinions I've seen. It's always good to ask why

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