If anyone knows of anywhere that is hiring a game developer please let me know!

@rice But being honest with you, you shouldn't stress about it. It's all a learning process. Making mistakes just means you are learning.

Also don't know if your up for it, but if you have a discord you should add me. I'd love to hear more about your job! Plus maybe we could help each other out. (Discord is on my profile)

@rice Oh I was just being silly about me not finding a job. I'm trying for a job in the game industry.. mainly because it's where all my experience is (Ain't that just sad) I could move into something else, and if I don't find something soon I will. But personal projects, contract work, etc have all been in game development so it feels sooo out of place to switch to find work, feels like it would be a huge disadvantage and just stressful.


@rice If it makes you feel any better, I can't even get a job. I apply everyday but nobody ever gets back to me :D

So you are wayyy ahead of me.

Also what do you do?

@rice Aww don't feel that way! What are you trying to program?

@Sadshark Oh, no burning needed. If you mod the console (If you own splinter cell, no hardware modding needed) and then you can use a USB or send the game over the network

@djsumdog I can't even get an interview! So you are definitely doing better than me!

@Sadshark Ohh, never played magic the gathering but I could download the iso (I imagine it's not that big)

Do you have a discord?

@djsumdog I need to get one at some point. Would be pretty cool

@djsumdog @wowaname Look at me on that list. Isn't it beautiful! I gotta learn to be a fascist and a racist to really fit the part (Not sure how freespeech and fascism go together, but it's worth figuring out!!)

@Sadshark Wanna play something together over xlink kai? Been looking for someone to play some original xbox games with

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For anyone who doesn't know, you can check out our discord below..


(Seriously check it out!)

@chara I've been really really well lately actually. Life hasn't really improved or anything, just felt a lot happier the last 6 months or so, I guess as you get older you start to get that way. But yeah my lack of social media is just a one track mind thing. I'm currently searching for a proper programming job because I'm as broke as it gets. But also trying to manage the whole "Run my own game studio thing" and the habit becomes, wake up.. program.. sleep. I need to change a bit.

What is with my. bad habit of mentally checking out from all social media. It's so hard to remember to check this thing

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