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@Toromino The better solution overall seems to be not use google.

@masklayer One day people will want to regulate how much someone can spend, to "save the consumer". I don't know how people can't just.. Not spend money?

@SarcasmKid Mines been out since yesterday. It's terrible

@SarcasmKid Looks like I finally have a new profile picture

@DetectiveHyde Sadly I don't have any of the expansions

Miniature 3d print of a unit from my game super neat.

@SarcasmKid Just finished that. What's this weird feeling? Is this what manliness feels like?

@baddude Fair enough. I need better understanding skills I suppose :P

Working on mine entrances

@SarcasmKid So how did you spend all that dank patreon money?

I fail to understand how people drink coke and similar drinks daily.

New build and map go live in an hour!!

Sorry for the downtime. Was doing maintenance last night. Couldn't stay awake to finish it. Is backup now!

new build live tomorrow morning! Last reset until release!!

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My entire timeline has officially become nothing but anime girls.

I knew this day would come.