Hope everyone has been doing well!

Things have really been coming together for me, been trying to keep hard at work :)

@orangesec_0 Sorry, sometimes I get super busy. For real I'll get on updating the server ASAP

Whats crazy is the hysteria over non-vaccination..

There's more evidence mass immigration has been causing an increase in diseases and illnesses spreading than lack of vaccinations by a small group of the population. These things don't pop out of thin air, usually they come from places where they are common

Oh sorry. They were down its my bad. I meant to post something after I fixed it. Everything should be good.

If things are ever down you can either add me on discord (info on profile) or email me at Garrett@firedragonstudios.com

I try to keep everything working properly I just sometimes don't notice when something breaks

I'm curious how you ended up finding this server specifically? :O

But regardless how. Welcome!!

Oh everything is still going :)

Currently working on an update to Kingdoms of Marazia (our MMORTS)

Honestly I was just talking about some stuff that happened when someone working with me on a project found out I supported free speech.

It happens though! All good.

Like that'll ever happen. We allow the bottom 20% of the population to drag us as far down as we can, and we gladly let them.

If I were to agree with taxes. I'd believe in the same tax rate for everyone. Everyone should pay the same percentage.

Also the idea that the government ever needs more than 10% of someones money is ridiculous.

With income tax, property tax, unemployment tax, sales tax, and all the other taxes. You pay taxes so many times along the way. The united states didn't even used to have an income tax. It's all waste and the whole system keeps getting more and more wasteful.

Is that what we're reduced to? Is that what we've become. People talk about how men have become women. I agree, used to women got fucked, now were all getting fucked.

So do we just sit and take it? Seriously. Someone self employed making less than 100k a year can be paying more than 40% in taxes. 40%!!!

And we sit around and let it happen and even worse idiots vote for it to happen. It feels like there's no point in even trying, your hard work ends up amounting to nothing.

Taxation is theft.

How does anyone get by with the current crazy tax rates??

Dondergod did a video on an old version of Kingdoms of Marazia. It's nice to see how things have changed.


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