@papa Ohh neat. Currently working through Lingua Latina per se Illustrata

@jeff @orangesec_0 @hcm Don't know if you would know but a while back someone was working on a way to go from Mastodon to Pleroma, has anything come of that?

Redditor arguing how "Gaming communities are typically the hubs for the alt-right" what's hilarious is I just seen an article titled that EXACT WAY a week ago. These people are nuts

Basically it's "Announcement: I may end up doing stuff."

I'll look into updating to the newest mastodon version this week.

@Pabo I mean, I hate to be that guy but they didn't create the fediverse. It's been around long before mastodon. Infact many people I follow have been on here long before mastodon came around. Just something people forget

@DetectiveHyde A long time ago, my handle was "Jews4TheNazis" and then my family was thrown in a gas chamber.. that one was hard to come to terms with.

@SallyStrange I'm saying they shouldn't be fired. But by your standard they should be, because they are racists. Like you and your white hate, you are a racist.

@SallyStrange I mean in my opinion none should. But by your standard both should. Both are racists

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