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Haven't been working on Kingdoms of Marazia at all the past 3 days. Depression and Illness sprung up. Tomorrow I'll be more productive, just working on getting things together. I apologize to anyone interested in the project, definitely will work on making up for the lost time. Will be back to normal soon!

I very much dislike the reddit model for things. I always enjoyed old forums much better, the upvote model sucks.

Are there anything out there for a forum?

People who have worked their way up to $15 an hour are going to love a $15 minimum wage. It's like starting at the bottom all over again!

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"And above all, that it accepts death in a cheerful spirit, as nothing but the dissolution of the elements to change continually into one another. Why are people so afraid of all of them changing and seperating? It's a natural thing, and nothing natural is evil."

@moonman Did you ever figure out a way to convert GS to Pleroma? I remember you were working on that.

I'm about to have 100 followers. Am I the next Kim Kardashian? Maybe the next Hitler? Oh my gosh this is exciting!

Any decent alternatives to Twitch? Really wish peertube supported streaming

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@cwebber @lain @kaniini @deadsuperhero no, all that making up a Code of Conduct would accomplish is virtue signalling and complaining. Its presence doesn't make anyone "safer" any more than the TSA does. It's just for show.

Anyone wanna beta test my game? I need someone willing to give suggestions and do some performance testing for me (Oh if you run mac or linux thats a plus too!) Add me on discord: Siedge #5482

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> be me
> make server literally with the goal of making it easy and cheap to host, because i think it empowers people to host their own infrastructure
> 1 year later
> "hey Pleroma could be pretty good for people without many resources, even if the devs are all horrible people"

The problem with dating fat people is if you can't take care of your body, I don't have high expectations for the rest of your life.

I'm surprised Microsoft has Minecraft as an invalid word. You would think they would try to push their products a bit harder.

Do you ever look back at stupid stuff you've done and right before you feel terrible you are just like "Yeah, I don't care"

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@rye OK instead of excuses, why not spend this time where you're bored to instead look for that stylus?

Block a few spammers on the fediverse and you actually end up with a lot of posts that are worth viewing. I feel like as my view of the fediverse broadens it's not too hard to keep it curated to my liking.

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