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Nobody ever emails me when the server goes down 🤔

I think I'll set it as my homepage for when I open my web browser. Should solve me not seeing it for long periods of time.

I have hundreds of old videos up on an old channel of me playing with online friends. Watching through them, little me back in 2011 is some weird stuff. Feels weird.

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Check out our newest tutorial for the MMORTS in Unity where we start working with the new Unity UI toolkit

*Pulling into the bread lines with your new 2020 vehicle*

Mastodon server goes offline for 24 hours.. takes 24 hours to get everything caught back up


@83rjjr @orangesec_0 @chara Updated the instance to the latest version of Mastodon. As well as some general upkeep tasks. Should run super smooth

Really like this guys videos, always shows unique parts of different countries, also way better at socializing than I'll ever be. But it's interesting to see how absolutely nobody is panicked by the coronavirus in this video

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To instance admins, I'd urge you to just block our users on a per user basis, I don't allow things like multiple accounts to avoid bans so as long as you report stuff like that I'll take care of it. But otherwise my hands are tied.

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@stux No no no. They're probably not even using Hellmann's in that gif.

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3,999,999 accounts
+30 in the last hour
+2,028 in the last day
+20,228 in the last week

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In a nation of 320 million people, killings and accidental tragedies happen somewhere every day. The national media have to be picky when choosing which ones to focus on. Ask yourself why you're hearing about one, but not the other thousands of recent killings?

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