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@jeremiah I'm pretty upset with you, OpenSUSE has ruined my entire week. My laptop is laggy as can be and now my desktop won't boot :O. How could you do this to me

Okay Im done. Opensuse is totally broken. Theres no fixing it.

"Now I don't have any experience with ****** but heres my opinion on it"

Boot up opensuse. Nothing works or opens. Swap to terminal. Find out you accidently added a tumbleweed repo Zypper rr the repo. Zypper dup doesn't work. Be depressed. Decide not to attempt suicide and just fix it yourself. Realize only one dependency is broken. Fix dependency. Zypper dup, 1 gig download on dialup. Half of day gone.

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You find out one morning that you're neither smart nor attractive, because non-anime avatar.
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The tone of debates today seems to have shifted. Everyone is asking whether or not guns should be banned. Nobody is asking whether the government has the right to ban stuff like guns or drugs at all.

Toot limit was raised to 5,000 as of now posts are always expanded but I will be looking into making anything over the 500 character limit have a more button to read the rest of a toot, because toots taking up your entire screen would be rather annoying. But at least now regardless of what your style is you don't have to worry about running out of characters often.

@ChargeDAffaires I've been going through the code today looking at where all the modifications need to be done. Should have the changes pushed in the next hour.

Let's ban guns so people won't use them. It'll work just like how we banned drugs! oh wait o.o

Immediately ran into display issues on installing on my desktop. however I'm hoping installing the nvidia drivers solves those jssues. We shall see :o

Hey @BryanLunduke If you could have any piece of technology from the past or present what would it be, and why?

So @jeremiah looks like you've started something. Installing on my main machine. Shame on you.

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Holy moly. Just caught a segment on Tucker Carlson's show. He was talking to the head dude of about federated, decentralized social networks.

Federated networks. On a main cable news network.

Awesome. I wish more of the networks would talk about these topics. Bill gates guessing prices on ellen. Funny stuff to be fair, I thought tide pods were like $3 I would never pay so much for laundry detergent :O

works! after installing rfkill over USB and figuring out the issue. It's an acer_wmi issue, apparently Acer doesn't manage it. If anyone needs more info check out

Wifi works in tumbleweed, not in leap. However a bunch of other stuff is broken in tumbleweed. Also wifi works in a fairly older version of leap.

I've spent all morning trying to get wifi working on blehhh

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