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That moment when you say "Am I an extremist?" and then realize you are not and it's true that everyone who doesn't believe your waifu is best girl should be put to death.

So I've been really working on that Ludum Dare project, we decided we will end up releasing it on steam!

The issue with large governments is its hard for one man to make a difference. Corruption is persistence, however a "Hero" comes around once in a while. I say hero because that's what they are. Amazing people like that aren't born every day. Corrupt people. Corruption is easy. So in a big government. The most some of these people ever achieve is making good roads or something that won't matter in the long run.

Power only comes to those willing to lower themselves to pick it up.

So something I wanted to talk about that bothers me. People talk about black people not being able to succeed in america, and I've realized that that is a real thing (Though not exclusive to being black, but definitely in very high numbers). I have an artist friend who told me he gets made fun of by his friends and his family doesn't approve of him being an artist as it "Isn't a real job" And this isn't one instance, when you are born in a ghetto all the people around you really don't want you to succeed, I've been around those types and its horrible.

So a big problem is black communities is exactly that, a black community. Don't be around people because their skin color or even because they are family if they don't want you to succeed. There's people out there that would love to see you be successful, just find them!

It's like how Asians even though most the world is against them (Requiring much higher scores to get into the same colleges) they constantly do well, not because genetics but because everyone around them is making them succeed, failure is not an option!

It was made in 72 hours so.. Try to judge it accordingly. Very buggy!

Finished the game. Slept the day away. I'll shoot a link to it here soon!

12 Hours remaining and we don't even have any gameplay implemented. Gottttttta hurry

5 AM. Headed to bed, long day of programming. A bit worried about the state of the project. Only 16 hours remaining and I still need some sleep.

Will update once I wake up

This timeframe is just terrible. I will make it on time, but features are being cut.

Progress update!

Working on tile selection now that networking is done, will start adding in units.

Ended up having around a one hour nap. Back to work. Fixing the loading and unloading of chunks currently

Update: Got all the networking issues worked out. It needs a bit of cleaning up and then I can move on to gameplay! However I'm taking an hour break going to exercise to see if that wakes me up. If not I'll nap for an hour or two.

update! Map successfully sends to the client now we just have to teach the client how to use it!!

This networking code is a mess. I'm just throwing things in so quick. Trying to get map data streaming and such. Definitely going to come back and fix it later

Finished the login system, now onto integrating the map we made into the server, should be about an hour or two to get that taken care of. But first I need a 10 minute break to get things together! Ready to win

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