My conspiracy theory of the day is that Bo Burnham's songs on Jeff Bezos are to make him seem more likeable to the gen z and that Jeff is behind it


^one of my favorite video moments

This hypersexualized world makes me sick. I don't want to see promiscuous content everywhere I go

!!!! not a single person is more attractive than my boyfriend ♥‿♥

Now that I've gotten corona virus the only logical thing the mask is for is for social acceptance (since you're supposedly immune after recovery)🤔 not that I cared about getting the virus before though.

My bf would rather carry me to the kitchen when I ask him for a sandwich than make it himself xdd

If you're a cooking / recipe account there's a 99% chance I'll follow you

Mantaining inner piece is much easier than oneself makes it out to be. Pride simply gets in the way too often.

My 40 yo high school hall monitor sent me a friend request on Facebook what dimension is this

Watching people upload videos of their bad bunny fortnite online concert is a surreal experience

if you ever wanna have a confidence+happiness boost get into a functional relationship that stuffs wack yo

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