It's too bad Americans are so sarcastic. I can't imagine trying to learn English when 50% of the time the words mean the opposite of what people say. I think sarcasm is used too much here and it's a bad trend because a) it confuses foreigners b) it's a negative way of seeing the world and c) it's intrinsically dishonest. Yes it's funny and I can laugh at sarcasm most of the time, but I still think it's a bad habit, especially in romantic relationships. That's my 2 cents.


@pj Im a foreigner and I don't think Americans should worry about confusing foreigners. I mean, you don't see people in Guatemala trying to appease foreigners by changing their way of being as a whole

@StaleCheetoh Overall I agree. It's just my opinion in romance, politics, business, law, etc. Better to be straightforward.

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