@thor when you listen to music loudly can you still hear the tinnitus?

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@StaleCheetoh it doesn't take a lot to mask it out. it's mostly when i'm somewhere very quiet that i hear it. certain things seem to trigger or change it. it's more prominent if i have a hangover, for example
@StaleCheetoh i'm listening to it now and the funny thing is that when there are pauses in what people say on the radio, i hear it more. "bla bla bla mmmm bla bla mmm bla mm bla bla"
@StaleCheetoh they say tinnitus has something to do with nerves or neurons for specific pitches getting stuck in a kind of feedback loop. it seems that actual audio suppresses it, and seems to essentially inversely correlate with the volume envelope of the audio...
@StaleCheetoh reminds me of what they call an auto-ducking processor in audio production.
@StaleCheetoh i'm gonna guess that, in order to get a volume independent reading on the harmonics in what it's processing, the brain keeps track of the overall volume of what it's hearing and adjusts the sensitivity of these pitch detection networks according to that.
@StaleCheetoh or well, that's what i'd do if i was writing an audio algo that did the same thing
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