!!!! not a single person is more attractive than my boyfriend ♥‿♥

@thor when you listen to music loudly can you still hear the tinnitus?

Now that I've gotten corona virus the only logical thing the mask is for is for social acceptance (since you're supposedly immune after recovery)🤔 not that I cared about getting the virus before though.

Doing my hair a certain way.. and the person who is looking back in the mirror is my mother o.O

My bf would rather carry me to the kitchen when I ask him for a sandwich than make it himself xdd

If you're a cooking / recipe account there's a 99% chance I'll follow you

@roelius ustedes los españoles tienen su propio idioma no entendí nada xddd

@pj Im a foreigner and I don't think Americans should worry about confusing foreigners. I mean, you don't see people in Guatemala trying to appease foreigners by changing their way of being as a whole

@duck I didn't know messaging in mastodon was a thing til now @.@ . I'll give it a shot

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