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@freemo Darn it, Freemo, you're not supposed to entice me away from my instance!

@freemo Yeah, I gotta catch Planet Earth for that stuff.

Also, thank you for posting something about real life, not meta, internet stuff. So many people on Mastodon only post about Mastodon.

Well, there's also the anime and furries. Still, the list is pretty short.

@freemo Bruh. How was SCUBA?

I've had four pneumothoraces back in college. No scuba diving for me. Or sky diving.

I don't understand Cohen's refusal to accept a Presidential Pardon if it were offered. Isn't spending 5 years not in prison better than 5 years in prison - regardless of who pardoned you?

@ArtistMarciaX and I think that’s the point I’m trying to make: Be happy to be on opposite sides of the fence, but still speak to one another.

A conversation that says
“I think America bears the original sin of racism.”
“I think that’s an unfair characterization of the historical context for these reasons.”
“I think your view of history is insufficient for these reasons.”

Instead of: “OMG Blocked!!!”

@ArtistMarciaX sure, but if I were to share an academic lecture from Douglas Murray calling your worldview into question, would you demand a CW for next time? Would you block/ban me and/or my instance?

If you post something ‘globally’ and I reply with a dissenting opinion, are you going to start a war or keep it rational? What are your thoughts on magnate schools? I've got a 2-year-old at home. Always thinking about what we're going to do for his education.

@thomasfuchs Which is why everyone should do a ! Help everyone find the good people.

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Lol nobody is reporting on this w/ the exception of the guardian & like a handful of science journalists but in terms of scale & precedence it is difficult to top this or its implications for the future

@darius Fascinating. Then how do you decide which instances to federate with?

@darius We should place the term ‘instance’ with ‘cafeteria table.’ 😬

Working in a , skills in are perhaps more important than .

No one feels well served if their food isn’t ready on time.

@darius Eventually, the ideological divides will solidify or they’ll break down. It’s hard to tell until the general Twitter population makes their entrance. Right now, seems like it’s still early adopters.

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