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the protest crowd looks like a great place for someone to drive a truck into at 200 miles an hour

it would be really cool if someone showed up at the protest crowd with a machinegun and just killed like 50 niggers. where are our guys? where are our counter-protestors? why don't we have guys with guns running it down mid right now?

Round fucking 1 faggots. Give it time. China tried re opening and whoops, back into the lockdown hole they go. We lag behind by a month, maybe less now.

Spanish flu wave 2 was the real killer. Look it up on a source that hasnt been edited to dumb it down (ie not fucking wikipedia, where it was v recently edited from 100million+ deaths to 25mil or less. makes you go hmm)

Antibody dependent enhancement. Cytokine Storm. Immune system suppresion from it targeting T-Cells (CD147 receptor).

This party is just getting started. Motherfuckers with no long term view celebrating the end of the war after not even the first battle, just the opening salvo. fucking rofl

If youre not boosting your immune system and health with regular exercise and nutrition, you are fukn up big time

► Detected: 4,628,356 (+6,942)
► Died: 308,645 (+491)
► Day: 128 (-18:48:24)

End of day numbers for Day 127:
► 4,621,405 (+99,396)
► Died: 308,154 (+5,072)

— 5.1 billion people under lockdown —
— 213 countries and territories infected —
— 20x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —
— 83 vaccines and 312 treatments announced —
— 5,136 genomes have been sequenced —

" I think what bothers me the most though, is because of the efforts to mitigate the contagion of the virulent coronavirus, the numbers are low in comparison to the concern raised by health professionals and scientists from the get-go. Because these numbers are low, the individuals who began with "its just the flu!" are now calling it a "scamdemic" or "see, it's just as bad as a bad flu season! Yall are delusional and stuck in the deep state".

How does one contently say "It's just as bad as the flu" when even WITH social + physical distancing, lockdowns, border closures, etc. it still has higher death rates than an entire influenza season without any measures. How does a human being not grasp this notion?

What worries me is a lot of these individuals have young children, I really hope the educational system doesn't fail them.

Edit: To those of you putting forward the "vaccine" argument. Yes, influenza has a vaccine. But it is optional. And I think you' d be surprised to hear the number that doesn't get vaccinated. Additionally, it's not 100% effective; if you get the vaccine, you might not develop the antibodies to protect you, so you can still get infected with influenza even if vaccinated. Also, influenza could mutate before or during the 'flu season' rendering the vaccine useless in geographic areas where that mutated pathogen is present. Removing billions of circulating vectors (humans during covid pandemic) is just as, if not more effective than having a vaccine; yet the numbers of infected and dead still higher.

Also, as a practicing Respiratory Therapist working the frontlines, I intubate individuals daily with Covid19; I very, very seldomly require intubation of influenza patients or intubations at all for anyone who is sick with a pathogen. Many COVID patients present with significant lung damage due to cytokine storm, which induces permanent damage to the lung epithelium (scar tissue) and reduces your quality of life permanently once recovered "

>Spend a few weeks preparing public (buy food, essentials etc) for imminent 3 week SUPER LOCKDOWN
>When it begins, you literally cannot set foot outside your door unless it's to go to hospital
>When it's over, new infections, community spread etc will be basically zero.
From here, just impose quarantine on borders and contact trace if there are any new cases and boom...normality.
Tell me why this wouldn't work?

Because normies literally have been going to the grocery store to get a candy bar during the lockdown. They cannot mentally handle being cut off from regular activities for more than a few days. Unless you literally chink'd it and welded metal bars to keep them inside, you'd need mass military presence to completely enforce it. Not to mention, you could still have spread within households; if someone got infected the day before it started, and infected their family a week in, they'd potentially still be contagious when lockdown ended.

That's why you close EVERYTHING. LITERALLY EVERY BUSINESS EXCEPT POWER AND WATER (Skeleton crew running that.) You have FULL HAZMAT EMTs deliver life-or-death essentials (O2 bottles, insulin, only shit people will literally die without). Have cops in hazmat suits enforcing it, but with nothing open and nowhere to go, almost no one would go outside.

Then nothingburgers would suddenly become bleeding heart liberals claiming that we're literally KILLING PEOPLE with ECONOMIC MURDER and TYRANNY because Johnny and Tyrone can't go out and get booze and cigs at the market.

Wave literally means that after people get tired of lockdown and start moving again, it will experience an upswing again.

Waves aren't a magical time where the virus decides to take a vacation, it is dictated by the resilience of the virus and the actions of its hosts. Therefore:
>country opening up
>nothingburgers, poorfags, minorities all going out to get haircuts, fast food, go to events and gatherings

Joe Rogan has COVID-19 already but is asymptomatic (for now). Screencap this post.

Soiboi holocaust incoming

>Of the male COVID-19 patients sent to ICU at the German hospital, more than two thirds (68.6 per cent) recorded low levels of testosterone.

>In contrast, the majority of female patients (60 per cent) had elevated testosterone levels.

>While low levels of testosterone can not control the immune response in men, the study found that in female COVID-19 patients, higher testosterone levels were linked to a more significant inflammatory response.

>Professor Gülsah Gabriel from the Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology in Hamburg, who was involved in the research, told MailOnline: 'The majority of male COVID-19 patients had low testosterone levels.

>'Of those male COVID-19 patients who died, the majority also had low testosterone levels.

>'Thus, low testosterone levels in men seem to be a risk factor for severe and even fatal disease outcome in men upon infection with so-called “cytokine inducing” respiratory viruses.'

So if the US is already heavily infected, and in about a month old people and those who can't suppress the cytokine storm will start dying off.

When does Trump make the national emergency call? When is any call made? Will people just have to notice everyone around them dying and then make the judgment themselves, do they not wanna incite panic? This is completely fucked

Nothingburgers are still trying to cope.

heyve been trying to cope since the beginning of this thing
uk news has shifted to blaming the people, the government wont be blamed for the next wave.
its ok though everythings ok, its over

I checked /nbg/, many such cases, SAD! That place is basically trying to convince themselves that everything will be fine because the country is opening up, after all muh liberties are more important than my own life.
It's like a 'my personal army' kind of thing, they want everyone ELSE to go outside to validate them.

>government fucks up from the start
>they don't say sorry
>end lock downs and say it's your fault if it starts rising again
You begin to hate them. Normies have an excuse for being retarded, the government doesn't at all

>Nothingburgers are still trying to cope.
Nothingburgers can gloat while people are coming out of lockdown, but a few weeks after breathing each other's air, oh boy.

you just know the posting in july is going to be wild.

and the best part
>coronachan can enter the nervous system and infect the brain where it really ups its ante
>mass seizures, mass clots throughout the body
>we've seen amputations, blackening of skin, reinfection, common schmucks in a panic because weeks after "recovery" they are getting infected again and it hits them worse.
And we are still struggling to catch up to all she can do

>Hearts have been reported to rupture from the virus
>coronachan attacks the blood making ventilators useless for most since their blood is unable to take in oxygen
>kids getting rekt finally in the mainstream news
>food shortages, power plants hit
>Attacks major organs including testicles and vagina, destroying their ability to reproduce
>causes destructive immune response throughout the body causing your immune system to not just fail but destroy you

2019-nCoV may infect the ovary, uterus, vagina and placenta through the ubiquitous expression of ACE2.
Moreover, 2019-nCoV/ACE2 may disturb the female reproductive functions, resulting in infertility,
menstrual disorder and fetal distress. We suggest a following-up and evaluation of fertility after recovery from 2019-nCoV infection, and delaying becoming pregnant, if possible, especially for young female patients.

► Detected: 4,327,557 (+75,267)
► Died: 291,845 (+4,714)
► Day: 124 (-01:03:47)

End of day numbers for Day 123: 4,252,325 (+74,228); 287,137 (+3,403)

— 5.1 billion people under lockdown —
— 212 countries and territories infected —
— 20x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —
— 83 vaccines and 312 treatments announced —
— 5,089 genomes have been sequenced —

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