@chara Trump is just as much of a shill for Israel as any other president. Look at how much the US spends on Israel even with Trump. He's buddies with them, just like they all have to have in order to get elected.

@SomeGabUser you might be the fastest permanent block i've ever given out. holy shit dude, fucking KILL YOURSELF kike. KILL YOURSELF KIKE. the holocaust never happened but it should have and hopefully another one happens soon. REICH WILL GAS ALL KIKES SIEG HEIL.

@chara I'm so confused. We agree with the same things and yet you want to block me? I wasn't saying anything in favor of Israel. I agree that the holocaust never happened.

@SomeGabUser @chara You are literally being a huge faggot kike. Until you unblock my original account, I will keep replying to this on burners every once in a while to remind you how much of a faggot kike you're being. We're clearly on the same side, so why are you being such a pussy ass kike nigger faggot?

@chara No reply that time? Just going to block me with no rebuttal? We both want a holocaust, we both hate the kikes. Why don't you want a leader who also wants those things instead of (((Trump)))? Please, let's discuss.

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