spic trannies on the fed are seething, fuming, worked into a fit. they refuse to admit that their gay indie games are subliminally conditioning them to become violent left-wing militants.

we gotta be honest about this shit dude. videogames DO cause violence. videogames DO make people violent. but it's not the actually violent videogames. it's not the brainless shootymans simulators that get pumped out every year. it's the shitty little "artsy" indie games that are chock full of extremist left-wing propaganda. it's the games that look like they're all sugar and flowery fantasy candyland bullshit on the surface, but deep down, are putting really fucked up ideas in people's heads.

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i can fucking promise you for a FACT that thousands of these kids have hauled off and fucking murdered someone, or even multiple people sometimes, because of some fucking weirdo jewish conditioning they got stuck inside their head, from undertale, or isaac, or baba, or ink machine, or what the fuck ever.

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listen, i get it, you're a whiny little leftist bitch, and a soy tranny, and undertale's your favorite game, so you don't want to talk about the REAL body count. but don't fucking tell me that videogames don't cause violence. don't fucking tell me your PRECIOUS shitty little game hasn't made other people freak out and go kill someone. don't even begin to tell me that bullshit, because, i won't believe it.

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and yes, the only real realistic solution to this, for now, IS to ban all videogames. period. as in, take off and nuke the site from orbit. it's the only way to be sure.

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