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My name is Mark Duncan and I am running as Oregon's next Governor. I was born in Oregon. I was raised in Oregon and I live in Oregon...unlike our current Governor who moved to Oregon and has never lived in rural Oregon. Oregon needs an Oregonian as Governor. Vote Duncan Oregon

@OdinsAxe in honor of this post, i'm naming my next batch of hot sauce "Appalachian Mountain Gook"

time to start fresh. recommend me some good, clean, healthy, wholesome, white-supremacist accounts to follow.

there is no room for dissent on my home timeline. you are either on the 1488 national-socialism train... or you are permanently blocked and must kill yourself.

@Gargron What are some good Switch games to play during a fight?

@benisnotreal why do people still care about nu-diablo. or anything else nu-blizzard shits out. i stopped caring a long time ago

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A great new book by Howie Carr, “What Really Happened, How Donald J. Trump Saved America From Hillary Clinton,” is on sale now. Howie is a talented New England force who was there at the very beginning!

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"If we make 4, people will forget how bad 3 was."

Nice try Methzen, just an shitty POE now.
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You can’t Impeach someone who hasn’t done anything wrong!

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Republicans have never been more unified than they are right now! The Dems are a mess under the corrupt leadership of Nervous Nancy Pelosi and Shifty Adam Schiff!

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