My favorite part of election night is that everybody is sure of themselves (or at least pretending to be).

Perhaps the 3rd party voters are in some sense the most likely to be correct, since they know their candidate will lose -- they vote to prove a point. Worth it? Depends on your perspective.

Does fringe violence reflect the whole of the parties embraced by those who committed it?

Is there a line beyond which the amount of violence associated with a certain viewpoint is too great to countenance the acceptance of even the most peaceable of related ideals?

How should those in any group react to violence that supports some of their own beliefs, but which act itself they would strictly condemn?

The more we see violence, the more we condemn not only the violence but the viewpoint behind it. Yet few movements are immune from fringe elements. Where, then, might we turn?

I tell myself everything will calm down after a while, but people love to be agitated -- or at least, the loud ones do.


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