Was planning on doing a video on the SM64 Iceberg but with the it turns out L was real all along! youtu.be/83NXFGrWbcc

Next video is going to be the first of a new series, and it's on none other than the ongoing meme/mystery of everyone's favorite childhood game..

New video is now up! It's just an update. I plan on making larger videos but the internet speeds here are very demotivating.

Uploading a new video on why my opinion on social media has changed. The video is only 5 minutes long and compressed yet it's gonna take an hour to upload! This is the stuff I'm talking about when I made the decision to only upload to YouTube.

The worst feeling is waking up first thing in the morning feeling like crap but being too tired to get up. It feels so much better when you do though.

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I'm back on Mastodon! As a matter of fact, it's been a crazy few months as my opinion on social medias has changed, however the Fediverse is the only system I have faith in. I'm planning on making a video pretty soon about this.


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