**China's 'Zhurong' Mars rover lands successfully**

"The "Zhurong" rover was transported to Mars on the Tianwen-1 orbiter, which reached the Red Planet in February. China is now the second country after the US to successfully land a spacecraft on Mars."


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**Pokémon card sales at major US retailer halted over security fears**

"A major US chain acts after a customer pulled a gun in a fight over the collectible trading cards."


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**China lands its Zhurong rover on Mars**

"The six-wheeled robot has made the hazardous descent to the surface of the Red Planet, China announces."


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**Germany produced less meat, more vegan alternatives in 2020**

"Germany produced less meat last year, while demand for vegan products soared. But schnitzels and sausages still outnumber plant-based alternatives on store shelves by a wide margin."


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watching US complain about the threat of malware is like watching a kid crying bcs they fell on the ground

> Afghan President Ashraf Ghani ordered security forces to respect the temporary ceasefire with the Taliban and called for a permanent end to hostilities.

Let's end this with a permanent end to hostilities


**Tiny, wireless, injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor body processes**

"Researchers report that they have built what they say is the world's smallest single-chip system, consuming a total volume of less than 0.1 mm3. The system is as small as a dust mite and visible only under a microscope. In order to achieve this, the team used ultrasound to both pow…"


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**No end in sight for the Boeing 737 MAX saga**

"With the detection of new faults Boeing’s troubled jetliner remains in the headlines, even after it was recertified following two years of grounding."


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‘There’s no way that this could be justified’ — Andrew Brown Jr.’s family and attorneys spoke out after seeing new bodycam footage from the fatal shooting (warning: distressing themes)

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**German police warn of fake COVID vaccine passport problem**

"Police have said forged coronavirus vaccine documents are becoming an increasing problem. The issue has arisen amid lockdown relaxations for people who have been vaccinated against or recovered from coronavirus."


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**No injuries after two planes collide midair over Denver**

"In an amazing stroke of skill, luck or both, everyone involved in a mid-air collision was able to walk away from their accident. The incident left one plane nearly ripped in half."


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Gee it's almost like they want you dead. But will settle for your submission

**Agent Orange: French court rejects claim against Bayer**

"A French woman of Vietnamese origin took multinational companies to court over the production and supply of the highly toxic defoliant used in the Vietnam War by the US."


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**Israel and Hamas militants exchange fire, leaving dozens dead**

"After an Israeli airstrike destroyed a tower in Gaza, Hamas militants responded by launching rockets towards Tel Aviv in the worst outbreak of violence between Israelis and Palestinians in several years."


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