Keeping uptime at 99% THIS YEAR by threatening the sysadmin with a knife~

I should patent this method~ :smug9:

First thoughts on Gov. Cuomo sexual harassement investigation 

Skimming through the investigation and allegations from the 11 women who alleged sexual harassement by Gov. Cuomo.

I currently don't see anything that i would find actionable or inappropriate and i will be following the criminal investigation.

I've created to follow-up on the news report of subjectively foreign government being able to track assumed protonmail users using it's IP address.

Legal representatives of Facebook, Inc. and Instagram, Inc. sent Cease and Desist letter to Barinsta developer[2] (Free and Open-Source Instagram frontend complying with four freedoms[1]) forcing them to stop the development after one year of work.[3]

I believe that if this lawsuit is successful and the app is not allowed to continue it's development other FLOSS projects that do the same thing such as the following would be next in line:
- Bibliogram <>, Libre Instagram frontend
- invidious <>, Libre YouTube frontend
- Nitter <>, Libre Twitter frontend
- libreddit <>, Libre reddit frontend
- SimplyTranslate <>, Libre Google Translator frontend

1. App in the f-droid:
2. Copy of the letter:
3. Issue by the developer:

**Vaccinated should wear masks indoors in US COVID hotspots: CDC**

"US public health agency recommends mask-wearing in indoor public spaces in places where the coronavirus is surging."

#news #bot

Video seems to show passed out and drunk man waking up in the ambulance and deciding to run away due to (assumed) fear of high medical bill in the US.

NSA releases guideline prompting to reboot your phone on daily bases to "Stop hackers" 🀣

Because why make a guideline to actually fix the issue when you can "just reboot bro".. The incompetence of this agency knows no limits!

It has a fucking FILE HIERARCHY STANDARD directories in the root of it's source code!

Is there some competition among C++ developers to see who makes the most retarded build system? Because it takes a talent to make a thing that is at least 5x worse then cmake

Why is C++ always such a monument of a malpractice each time i read the code base

The Great Old Party that builds the Great Wall of China to make the country of freedom and democracy Great again says that the country they don't have under control is socialist. πŸ‘

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

🎢 Inside this fantasy.. I put two 120VAC cables around my head 🎢
🎢 Synthetic ecstasy when the breaker's open 🎢
🎢 With these two light bulbs i make my mind frozeeeennnnnNnnnNNnnNNnnNNnnnnnn~ :smug9:

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