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I feel scammed by @PINE64

I was promised Free and Open-source and i can't even get the fucking KiCAD files or reverse-engineer the PCBs without breaking their copyright.

I am trying to understand Whoopi Goldberg's point of view that Holocaust wasn't about race.

Like it is because white ppl (nazis) killed white ppl (jews)? So it's not about race bcs they are both white?

I see nothing wrong in terms of racism with "white people" using black skin paint for dressing for halloween or whatever that was same for vice versa.

I would though if he started to beat down people bcs of their skin color or something alike which i am not aware of trudeau doing and i do recognize that people waving confederacy flags in the freedom convoy are obviously racist and i condemn the dancing on the tomb of the unknown solider.

So why are the freedom convoy truckers anything more than retarded anti-vaxers?

Afaik this whole thing started after a gov mandated covid-19 checks for people going in the country to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and treat the illness early which seems to have a significantly lower fatality rate for the unvaccinated.

> Mr. Speaker we know that this Prime minister has no respect for the decency or honesty, i can take it when it's said to me, but i won't accept it when he gaslights the british public writting an absurd articles about cutting taxes when he's squezing working people to the pits -- Keir Starmer

The self-control of this man is worth a nobel price, i would say at least 12 insults and be way less polite if i were on his place.

The attacks by Boris Johnson on Keir Starmer are getting exponentially more pathetic and sad.

Someone tell the police to move their asses so that people don't have to suffer by listening to this political trepanning.

it's always: We have the most open economy in the EU, labor are fascists, we made lot of jobs, blah blah blah..

France is the current president of the european Council thus it is recognized by the EU members as "the face of the EU".


How do i even get IK with 26 armor and 180 HP grr

(terraria, for the worthy, hardcore, large)

I find it unethical to comment on internal political and cultural decisions of foreign countries as long as their decision does not affect the NATO members and foreign democratic countries/regions such as Ukraine and chinese taipei/taiwan.

So stop asking me to comment on DW's ban in russia, it's the decision by Russian government which is respected.

The troop buildup on ukraine borders by russia, belarus and allegedly backed by china as evident by the military drills in baltic sea poses a major security threat to all NATO members and other democratic countries.
If Russia decides to invade Ukraine, Suwalki gap or in any way shape or form endanger the security of NATO and other democratic counties then it will face consequences including the declaration of non-nuclear war.

Ukraine or any other country will not be barred to join NATO as long as it meets the requirement to join this is one of the fundamental principles of NATO and both EU and the US so russia is not recognized to have any authority over that decision, but the possible threat to the russian border is recognized and NATO is open to discussion and peaceful de-escalation as long as russia is willing to be part of the discussion.

I fully support both CSTO and NATO in finding a peaceful solution and i recognize that NATOs activity in the east Europe threatens Russia same as CSTO's hypersonic nuclear weapons in the northern europe threaten the NATO and my proposal would be for both parties to relocate these weapons.

From available informations that i am open to discuss the Chinese taipei/taiwan is founded as the democratic republic of china since the Wuchang Uprising in 1911 where the Tongmenghui _won the conflict_ against the Quin Empire thus the descendants of Tongmenghui (now taiwanese) are recognized to have the right on the land and how they will govern it, thus their independence from the political influence of chinese mainland is to be maintained, but the possible threat that their territory poses on the chinese economy is recognized and i fully support NATO, china and Chinese Taipei/taiwan in finding peaceful solution that benefits all parties such as the declaration of neutral territory in the contested waters that won't infringe on trade and measures taken to de-escalate the buildup of weapons that threaten both the mainland and the island.

> Several years ago chinese government-owned corporation called synavel stole the proprietary source code for controlling the wind turbines from a US company in massachusetts causing that US company american semiconductor to plummet from being 1.6 B$ company to 300 M$ company and from 900 employees to only 300 employees -- Christopher Wray (FBI Director)

Whooo! You rock china keep at it.

What the fuck is wrong with people calling the US-induced killing of 13 innocent and non-ISIS civilians including _6 CHILDREN_ by Abu Ibrahim's suicide bomb a huge success for Biden? []

More like major fuck up if he was able to spot the US operators (who crash-anded and lit on fire an attack helicopter allegedly nearby) and take such action even when i recognize that they took extra steps to reduce the loss of civilian life.

Credit: Picture by CNN

Hmm so what prevents us from using a liquid-oriented 3D printing?

Basically using a liquid, misting it and then causing a temperature, huminity and temperature difference to print the liquid.. and then somehow make that liquid to turn into a solid..

Like bombarting the shape with thickener that penetrates the ice as it makes a hexagonal shapes that should allow penetrationg and hardening to hold the shape

or like growing crystals in general.

Bought a silicon spacers for my 3D printer to make the bed more level.


Bought a TL Smoothers hoping to make the loud steppers silent


Got myself a hardened steel nozzle, bcs prusa said that there is lead in brass nozzles.


Why the fuck do i even try to upgrade it :angery:

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