I feel scammed by @PINE64

I was promised Free and Open-source and i can't even get the fucking KiCAD files or reverse-engineer the PCBs without breaking their copyright.


Hey bro accept my follow request.. hey are you still part of codeberg?

@twotwenty I don't accept follow requests to enforce the privacy of my followers. If you request follow it should subscribe you to my posts.

Not part of codeberg anymore, got ousted for being politically active.
I may address this legally in the future, but currently it's not in my agenda due to the issues that codeberg has atm.

@kreyren :( I am a little sad about the terms of service they are adopting right now.

Was there a vote to remove you? I am sorry I didnt voice my opinion I wasnt paying attention.

> Was there a vote to remove you? I am sorry I didnt voice my opinion I wasnt paying attention.
-- @twotwenty

There was supposedly a vote, but i doubt it's legitimacy as codeberg is autocracy and i wouldn't trust it with my projects, but they allegedly bring economy to gitea development so i still think that it's worth the support.

@kreyren self host gitea. I am going to mention their terms of service and rewrite it once and see what they say.

Why did they boot you seems extreme ?

@twotwenty As far as i understand they booted me for using my favorite " 🔪 " in 3rd party chat room.

@kreyren I am going to bring it up and their terms of service. I cant really be funding them if they are not more closely aligned to my own values.

@twotwenty In terms of codeberg's ToS it's not always their fault lot of the problems originate from german law that then requires an enforcement..

That said they are more then happy to first suspend a repo and then maybe ask questions as the organization for this is truly terrible imho, but at least i was able to block most of those suspends when i was there.

@kreyren Thats fair, but is also simple to state, and put a link to german criminal law. They do not need to go beyond it.

They are publishing a new TOS shortly, this is what brought me into the conversation cause I dont like it.

@twotwenty ye i assume that the situation with codeberg will just get worse over time like i can't even make a vote to deploy onion routing even when i proposed all the needed configuration and was just met with the lordship himself blocking everything and doing an insane stuff in general like using a server with CPU bugs when i proposed POWER9 which was significantly more economical in comparison including the electricity.

@kreyren Were you recomending the talos II main board with power9 ?

@twotwenty Iirc i was leaning towards blackbird as i find them more modular for expansion for high performance servers. (I do not endorse products of raptor computers as they do not provide the hardware designs, but i am not aware of better option until PowerProgressCommunity is finished with their PCB designs)

@kreyren as for the followers thing sounds like a good feature request for mastodon. hide followers from other followers.

@kreyren you should press for that as a separate option in the feature request. but like it says it is protecting the privacy of your followers so that is meeting your primary need.

@kreyren @twotwenty Friendica has such a feature. but people follow to comment and this is barely useless unless you hide comments too.

@iron_bug @twotwenty i don't like the friendlica's UI, but i will consider it if it's not mergable in mastodon

thanku for suggestion though~

@kreyren @PINE64

I agree its a muddy definition but it was definitely not RYF hardware. I was aware of this before I bought a pine phone, The librem5 which does produce kicad is also not RYF hardware cause the GSM chip.

I wonder if there is a blob for that to in the librem? I am guessing no. not sure about requiring blobs in the pine phone.

@twotwenty @PINE64

It's not muddy definition what PINE64 is doing is a scam they clearly label themselves as free and open-source, but refuse to provide the free hardware designs.

Librem 5 doesn't provide KiCAD i asked.. Just PDF schematics so around min of 1400 EUR worth of work at minimal wage to create the gerber files for production.

.. and another min ~400 EUR (or ~20 EUR if you have a fabricator at home) for prototypes to make the gerber files work reliably

@twotwenty @PINE64 also about @purism would be great if they were more transparent about when they will reach the development cost to release the KiCAD files as i could buy the phone now and be comfortable about getting the gerber files at set date.

But i assume that they are also a scam i wrote about it in lists.gnu.org/archive/html/lib if you are curious

.. in short they should be way past the development cost (calculations: git.dotya.ml/kreyren/kreyren/i) assuming that they are doing 4th batch of at least 1000 devices sold for 1 199 USD

@kreyren @PINE64 @purism

They have already released the kicads for the dev board which is roughly 90% of the board.

I believe the are honest in their intent but a mix of busy/under staffed and lazy. most people harass them about timing and cynical about each forward model being vapor yet they do come out eventually.

right from the original laptop every rev after, the librem itself I have seen numerous article accusing them of vapor yet they eventually came out with all of it.

@twotwenty @PINE64 @purism

last time i checked turning the dev board into a phone PCB would be a lot of effort, but possible, would say it being more like 60%

I don't believe that they are honest otherwise they would be more transparent about it and they are really not under-staffer as they have 40 employees [puri.sm/about/team]

> right from the original laptop every rev after, the librem itself I have seen numerous article accusing them of vapor yet they eventually came out with all of it.

I think that they can justify that "they didn't yet paid the development cost" by continuously hiring new people and then claiming that the production cost increased + they are not transparent so it's impossible to prove without involving the law.

@kreyren @PINE64 @purism

I do not know their internal projects and how much technical support positions and non engineering types those 40 make up. I assume some are clerical etc.

They may have flaws but there are few companies that aim to be as much as they are.

I was really happy that they didnt take the position against RMS, I know one of their employees was pushing to take one against him thats in a matrix channel I chat in.

@twotwenty @PINE64 @purism Like in general if someone does something that the person don't agree with then i will fully support that person in expressing their opinion in civilized manner.

But other then RMS's statements in relation to hardware development i am really not aware of anything that i would be against and deemed worthy of witch hunt over..

I am much more concerned about people such as Molly de Blanc as from rms-open-letter.github.io she's just an abusive asshole that wants to be in a center of an attention and i really hate that torproject and FSFE made such a lack of judgement and joined her side in that whole case.

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