The blood is on Biden's hands each day he's not taking sufficient action.


The European Union has to watch it's steps *VERY* carefully when dealing with the US, they are our allies now, but they are not our friends as they are day by day falling away from democracy in a failing system that promotes gun violence and racism among other things.

I question the integrity of the 2020 US census and i demand actions to handle gun violence namely:
- Get rid of the law that bans the US ATF National tracing center to use THE FUCKING COMPUTERS in 2021
- Get rid of the fucking law that bans ATF to use computers in 2021 πŸ’’
- State-wide background checks to ensure that mentally unstable person doesn't shoot you in the head on the street

Things that majority of gun owners agree with anyway and that would save probably thousand of children from unborn up.

I also highlight the importance of local anti-gun activist groups such as the Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killings <>, but i do not support taking guns away from mentally-stable citizens.

This fucking gameeeeee πŸ’’

(Terraria, Master + `for the worthy` seed world, hardcore character.. random slime king spawn during blood moon)

I hate this fucking game so much T_T

(Terraria, for the worthy world, spawn in jungle with hardcore char)

"The pristine five-star beaches of Delaware are back and open for business" -- Carper's spokeperson

(This is apparently shirtless Senator of Delaware Tom Carper holding his dick in public)

One accusation of sexual assault and you get kicked from CZ politics.. What a weakling!

I get worse accusations every 10min~3 hours

I am disgusted that FSF is even considering to move on, those who maintain that network (and former freenode staffers[1]) are NOT friends of the Free Software movement as evident by them signing the rms-open-letter[2] to attack FSF and harass Richard Matthew Stallman on top of homophobia[kreyren], transphobia[4] and harrasement of Free Software advocates[5][3][8].

Compared to Andrew Lee who stated many times the support for Free Software[6][7].

Thus i support Lee's takeover of Freenode and i believe that this move made IRC better place for us and we the advocates with the support of FSF should ensure that freenode stays up to their values.

I also suggest to use and use it's functionality to bridge multiple channels together. (Matrix home server is already deployed on btw.)

- 1540. JosΓ© Antonio Rey
- 2136. Nathan Handler
- 2737. Stew O’Connor
- ...

Every fucking day there is either a mass shooting or child shot dead in the US.. Yet Biden doesn't do shit about the situation.

Aiden Leos (6yo) is not the first and he will NOT be the last.

GNOME fndn. is actively violating the Freedom 3


The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits is being actively violated by GNOME foundation[2] which is causing free software projects to die[1] while supporting the spread of this harmful mentality to the whole open-source field[3].

Why is the FSF network tolerating this? @fsfe @fsfi


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