FSF's statement on their move of IRC channels to libera.chat is evidence that their "community meetup" was just shitty PR move to ask for opinions that they do not care about as i was saying before the meetup already started since nothing suggested was done and the libera.chat can with FSF's blessing continue to either harrass the free software developers or support the harrasement.

The Free Software Foundation was and always will be politically incompetent and blind which makes is not suitable to be the voice of Free Software and i encourage everyone in the Free Software movement to take action and hold @fsf accountable to their mission.


The Free Software Australia group is doing more work then FSF* ever did since its founding in 70s at spreading the importance of libre hardware to the masses.

The FSF* network needs to do more for libre hardware and its developers including @fsf 's highlighting of NON-FREE hardware in respect your freedom campaign which is unconstitutional!!


"Operation Trojan Shield" is an operation by FBI that violates your rights under an excuse to crack down on an organized crime.

FBI recently "obtained" an app used for encrypted and private messaging "ANOM messaging" used by people all over the world.

The FBI recently decrypted all 25M messages and issued arrest of 800 people according to DW.

To clarify I am not advocating for organized crime and i recognize the problematic, but this is absolutely disgusting invasion of privacy of people that did nothing wrong assuming that from all the 25M messages, FBI arrested just 800.

As such this highlights the importance of:
1. open-source -- So that you can review the code and build it
2. Free Software -- So that the source can be built using a trusted technologies with open-source code (among other things)
3. Vetting of the company -- To understand the legal obligations of the company
4. End-2-End Encryption -- To ensure that only you and the receiver can see the messages assuming the key exchanged in a secure way
5. Independent audit -- To ensure that there are no hidden codeblock that perform unwanted actions

Consider using:
1. Session (implementation yet to be auditted) <getsession.org/>
2. Matrix (matrix.org/)
3. IRCv3 with E2EE plugin such as <freenode.net>
4. If you have to use discord <discordapp.com> then consider using SimpleDiscordCrypt <gitlab.com/An0/SimpleDiscordCr> (i am not aware of any audit)
5. Briar?


@fsf@hostfux.social Now it's your turn to make public official to endorse free software in the US. :p

I am disgusted that FSF is even considering to move on libera.chat, those who maintain that network (and former freenode staffers[1]) are NOT friends of the Free Software movement as evident by them signing the rms-open-letter[2] to attack FSF and harass Richard Matthew Stallman on top of homophobia[kreyren], transphobia[4] and harrasement of Free Software advocates[5][3][8].

Compared to Andrew Lee who stated many times the support for Free Software[6][7].

Thus i support Lee's takeover of Freenode and i believe that this move made IRC better place for us and we the advocates with the support of FSF should ensure that freenode stays up to their values.

I also suggest to use matrix.org and use it's functionality to bridge multiple channels together. (Matrix home server is already deployed on fsf.org btw.)

1. kline.sh
2. github.com/rms-open-letter/rms
- 1540. José Antonio Rey
- 2136. Nathan Handler
- 2737. Stew O’Connor
- ...
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8. techrights.org/2021/05/19/free
9. lwn.net/Articles/857140/
10. phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new

Andrew Lee is the best thing that ever happened to Freenode! ... at least so far as i am very happy that jess and Fuchs are gone those are horrible people that were really mean to me and my friends ^-^ ... and i will wrap myself in a ball of hurt if he ruins it x.x

I am hopeful for this to be an end to gender and sexual orientation based harassment on the network while promotice a productive working environment for the open-source development (including libre and even "ethical") and job offerings!

GNOME fndn. is actively violating the Freedom 3


The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits is being actively violated by GNOME foundation[2] which is causing free software projects to die[1] while supporting the spread of this harmful mentality to the whole open-source field[3].

Why is the FSF network tolerating this? @fsfe @fsfi @fsf@status.fsf.org

1. github.com/thestinger/termite
2. bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cg
3. stopthemingmy.app


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