> America is plagued by school shooting, extremist and a failing infrastructure, but the government wants to raise a price of a postage stamps - Trevor Noah (youtu.be/1wuWbWvs238?t=466)

Now i know what he meant about the failing infrastructure.

FWIW i am pro-LGBTQ+, but i am against the rainbow colors on football stadiums as i find that too annoying

Looks like the US just evolved from the stone age in terms of gun control and handling the violence and child shooting.

I applaud Biden's administration for taking action and i am optimistic in seeing reduction in needless death that includes children in schools.

@chris it's florida he was most likely engaging in child sex trafficking or something worse~

@Jdogg247 oh no.. what a tragedy! You might live longer without a chronic cough how dare they!

The footage is of Sheriff's arresting parents at a school board meeting in Virginia after the parents became extremely angry about Critical Race Theory and the pro-pedophillic ideas being taught to their children.

Expect to see this happen more often, expect to see parents lose custody of their children for this, and for them to serve prison time for daring to disrupt the holy and moral proceedings of their local school board as they plan anal sex education for preschoolers. Something similar happened in Germany, the degenerates in charge of the Weimar school system were comfortable to arrest entire rooms of parents for protesting similar filth, in the end those parents came back as brown shirts and executed those school board members, the same will happen here.

The blood is on Biden's hands each day he's not taking sufficient action.


The European Union has to watch it's steps *VERY* carefully when dealing with the US, they are our allies now, but they are not our friends as they are day by day falling away from democracy in a failing system that promotes gun violence and racism among other things.

I question the integrity of the 2020 US census and i demand actions to handle gun violence namely:
- Get rid of the law that bans the US ATF National tracing center to use THE FUCKING COMPUTERS in 2021
- Get rid of the fucking law that bans ATF to use computers in 2021 💢
- State-wide background checks to ensure that mentally unstable person doesn't shoot you in the head on the street

Things that majority of gun owners agree with anyway and that would save probably thousand of children from unborn up.

I also highlight the importance of local anti-gun activist groups such as the Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killings <ontheblock.org/>, but i do not support taking guns away from mentally-stable citizens.

This fucking gameeeeee 💢

(Terraria, Master + `for the worthy` seed world, hardcore character.. random slime king spawn during blood moon)

#ShowYourStripes day
Temperature rise in WMO host country Switzerland ➡️more glacier retreat
⬇️ snow in winter ☃️
🚰big impact on water resources, with more uneven rainfall distribution
👉 showyourstripes.info
#ClimateChange #COP26

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/WMO/status/#bot]

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