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Two cops death in shootout, protecting their community.. Yet the community doesn't seem to care?

Would it help if someone put a knee on their neck?

So US keeps complaining about cyberattacks on their shitty tech infrastracture..

We need someone to explain them what open-source is

Potentially Biden's peleton user data exposed to bad actors.


Privacy issues with students being forced to use privacy-violating school apps

Breach of 345K files from Filipino solicitor-general's office

Peleton's API leak

Amazon's leaking data of 200K people

Signal's anti-{facebook,whatsup} campaing

and more..

**Dogecoin: The world's most valuable joke**

"The cryptocoin has been the best performing cryptocurrency over the past year. The coin, valued at $70 billion, began as a joke but ironically, it is itself rather sensitive to jokes, as an Elon Musk gag revealed."

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**Thai police arrest 3 journalists who fled Myanmar**

"Police in Thailand have arrested three journalists who escaped across the border from Myanmar, charging them with illegal entry. Fellow journalists have warned their lives could be in danger if they are sent back."

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- School in Kazan, Russia
- Explosion followed by gunfire
- At least 8 killed, 20 injured
- 2 died by jumping from window
- 19-year-old suspect detained
- Suspect promised to kill "trash" in Telegram post
- Said people on Earth was a "mistake"


The value of Dogecoin dropped nearly 30% during Elon Musk’s appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’


GNOME fndn. is actively violating the Freedom 3


The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits is being actively violated by GNOME foundation[2] which is causing free software projects to die[1] while supporting the spread of this harmful mentality to the whole open-source field[3].

Why is the FSF network tolerating this? @fsfe @fsfi


Scientists predict that 70% to 90% of all coral reefs could disappear in the next 20 years as a result of warming ocean waters, ocean acidity, and pollution — marine biologist David Obura explains what’s at risk if stronger action isn’t taken soon


**France: Climate protesters take to the streets**

"NGOs and activists demonstrated throughout France on Sunday to urge President Emmanuel Macron to do more to tackle climate change. They claimed a new bill aimed at slashing emissions does not go far enough."

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I am changing cloud hoster


I've stopped using TheGoodCloud <> as their nextcloud service lacks the End-2-End Encryption ("E2EE").

This alternative was recommended to me which has E2EE and provides 4x more storage on free tier,

**Why do some neurons degenerate and die in Alzheimer's disease, but not others?**

"Researchers have uncovered molecular clues that help explain what makes some neurons more susceptible than others in Alzheimer's disease. The scientists present evidence that neurons with high levels of the protein apolipoprotein E (apoE) are more sensitive to degeneration, an…"

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🎉 The first release candidate of #Mastodon 3.4.0 is out for testing:

Read the changelog at the link above! If you want to help ensure translations in your language are up to date, you can do so here:

**A deeper understanding of how cells move and stick together**

"A new article takes a step towards a deeper understanding of how cells adhere to each other and their motility."

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‘There are more genders than you are aware of. You do not know the mind of God’ — This dad was arrested while speaking out against an anti-trans bill in Arkansas in defense of his transgender son


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