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both of my alt accounts (follow them for whenever this account goes offline. For the .onion you will need to allow hidden service connections to access.)

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Skyrim playthrough: at level 14, go drinking. The rest is history

I'm going to make a army of alts to follow @sjw

The problem with the fediverse statistics is that it is very easy to fake the number of active users in an instance.

According to Gab they have more than 1M users alone, with 81M statuses (wtf) in the few months they have been active.

If this was true, Gab alone would be 1/4th of the fediverse with only a few months of life already (because the other 3M users doesn't include Gab).

Pawoo has half of that, more believable since they have been for a longer time and it actually belongs to a company that promotes it. I bet pawoo doesn't count either because "muh CP". Not counting Gab this is a 1/6th of the fediverse.

humblr and switter are not even human beings, these places are filled with porn bots. Also botsin and similar instances.

There are a lot of pleroma sites missing (or single user instances) and the federation is broken because people insist in blocking instances.

So no matter how many people registers you will only be able to reach out a fraction of that number.

Also what is there is no instances there but it claims to have almost 336k users and a whooping 14.6M statuses published, but the only thing that is there is just a directory listing (nice) with remains of what once must have been a Mastodon instance or something.

@matrix rewanda: United Nations silent.
Picture of animation: United Nations loses their shit

@matrix un: how about we send soliders to do real work on the field?
Un: nah just target first world countries. Even if 3rd world countries are to blame.

The UN is a useless fucking joke. Banning loli won't stop Muslims from raping little girls and cutting off their clits and it won't stop African warlords from kidnapping kids and turning them into slaves to mine precious metals or soldiers.

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