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both of my alt accounts (follow them for whenever this account goes offline. For the .onion you will need to allow hidden service connections to access.)

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oh, you don't want to live in a totalitarian dictatorship where the government controls everything, forces your electronics to be always online and spying on you, censoring free speech, and only giving you half rations for the rest of your life? Must be one of those terrorists then.

trump and joe biden play for the same team: The new world order.

Wow, unskippable ads in NBA 2k21. a $70 game

I'm mainly using a private alt account, so that's why I haven't used this account in a long time.

ok so it seems my other main account won't work because it asks me for a password to log in, but it is never sent to my email, so I'll just use this one again.

Do you support contact tracing

Me: Nuclear war is bad.
Inner me: But it would finally stop all the sjws from complaining about first world problems.

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