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Backup account is up> pleroma.oniichanylo2tsi4.onion
It's on the .onion domain so you won't be able to access it unless you allow hidden service connections. I'll probably use it from time to time.

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(flashback,never forget.)
Cnn: We are the victims of harassment!
Also cnn: We will threaten to post your information if you post bad memes about us.

New Zealand follows Communist China in erecting “great firewall” of internet content to block all independent journalism about the Mosque shooting

ben is a shitty jew. I knew he was on his knees for that advertising revenue. He's used to being on his knees.

>desktop notifications for hell threads
wew lad :hell:
@ThreeOneThreeChris just for out of the country IP's. with a NZ vpn it still works
@WIR They've already disabled it, undoubtedly on account of an avalanche of trolling from the chans.
@Terry @PussySlayer @Alby @Oblivia @diresock @p @shit No cops don't have to tell you if they are undercover and they can legally lie to you ro get a confession out of you.
Today's spam:

First blowjob and First anal sex HERE
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