Wikipedia: "The measles vaccine is effective at preventing the disease"
Wikipedia: "Smallpox was eradicated by a massive international search for outbreaks, backed up with a vaccination program, starting in 1967."

@orangesec_0 "Natural News is a conspiracy and pseudoscience website that routinely publishes false information."

@alexbuzzbee don't forget the same can be said for the same mainstream media that believed the Russia collusion hoax. Only naturalnews actually cites sources at the bottom.

@orangesec_0 I find it very hard to believe that "only" this one specific site, among all of those on the Web, cites its sources.


@alexbuzzbee cnn and many others usually just say "sources say", but that is off topic so whatever.

@orangesec_0 If you read their Web articles, the closest comparison, they do usually link to sources within the text of the article.

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