Hey @CSB, remember how we were talking about how asymptomatic cases may not be contagious?

Tweet from Ivor Cummins (@FatEmperor), at 22 Nov, 7:27 pm - Wow! Just poublished, in Nature no less: Asymptomatic spread is not a thing. Our lockdowns of the healthy were largely for nothing, except to destroy societal health.
The Chinese KNOW, and now WE do too
So 2019 WHO guidelines were correct: no asymptomatic quarentine recommended🤨 t.co/pb6ouJyMPm


Chinese President Xi proposes GLOBAL health QR code system to revive coronavirus-battered trade & travel

“He also called for the creation of mechanisms that would simplify the “orderly flow” of people in the coronavirus-battered world. They could come in the form of QR codes containing people’s health information“

The “freedom or enslavement pass”. When your coronavirus status becomes key in inclusion or exclusion from society. With the fake testing it will never end.


Amazing how we managed without censors for over two centuries and suddenly have a screaming need.

There have been incredibly harmful, false stories in our past - nearly all of them blessed by officials, e.g. WMDs - but I don’t remember anyone calling for a censor then.

Matt Taibbi

They will see the true healing as we Storm The Castle & take back our Republic which was long ago stolen from us!!

Examining Politics

EXCLUSIVE: Sidney Powell

The Trump Campaign's legal team's lead attorney joins Larry O'Connor in an exclusive interview.

She tells Larry she is willing to stake her personal and professional reputation on the allegations she has made. She says the legal team has pictures of votes being manipulated in real time


It's one of the most comprehensive interviews with Sidney Powell to date

The most delicious part of the Trump team's claims of a rigged election is that they are using the Laundry List Persuasion trick that Dems used against Trump for four years. And it seems to be working, at least for half of the country, which is all it has to do.

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