Back in 2011, Kelli O'Laughlin came home from school to inadvertently interrupt a black burglarizing the home. He grabbed up a butcher's knife out of the kitchen and stabbed her multiple times all over. When Kelli's mother got home from work, she found her daughter still barely alive. But she soon died. The killer stole minor crap out of the house including the girl's cellphone, which he used to send taunting, "disturbing" text messages to her mother.

We the people can crush China without firing a shot. All we have to do is stop buying Chinese crap and demand products made in America.
We now see the cost of cheap shit from China.
We can't afford to let a hostile foreign governments make things vitality important, no matter how cheap they are!


If white people are so bad, why do the caravans only go to white countries???

#FreeSpeech #censorship #america

Turning ‘wokeness’ into a weapon: Chinese propaganda in the age of the coronavirus

Ever wonder why 🇺🇸 America can put men on the moon but is too dysfunctional & corrupt to make simple things like 😷 surgical masks in a pandemic?
The 💩 FDA is criminal organization that is controlled by 🇨🇳 China & deep state traitors which has aggressively blocked the production & availability of desperately needed medical supplies.
E.g, surgical mask production is cloth & very basic, so charities like sewing clubs are producing this for hospitals while industry refuses to meet demand.
A garment manufacturer cannot sew simple surgical masks😷 without months of expensive FDA red tape that intentionally makes it impossible.
Have you wondered why it's been so hard to ramp up production of surgical masks and respirators and are curious as to why private companies haven't flooded into the market to meet peak demand?

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