Antifa is an idea? So ideas are setting cities on fire night after night?

Rose City Antifa exists. I had an indirect encounter with them around a decade ago, when they threatened to shut down a conference I was at in Portland unless the organizers disinvited one of the speakers. (Predictably, the organizers caved.)

Willem Van Spronsen, the man who tried to blow up the ICE detention facility in Tacoma, Washington, called himself Antifa in his manifesto.

Members of Antifa doxxed friends of ours in Seattle, while the John Brown Gun Club posted an armed goon outside their apartment complex -- with a young child inside.

Antifa exists.

Imagine if, in response to charging Kyle Rittenhouse with 1st degree murder, Trump supporters in cities across the country rioted, attacked police, and destroyed buildings-

The media would demand martial law, suspension of habeus corpus, and order national guard to open fire

Andy Ngô: Louisville, Ky.: Angry BLM rioters, some carrying sticks, confront cops in the street. #KY #Louisville #Murder #Trump

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USA Today fact-checks a satirical article from a satirical website and concludes that it's satire. And they were being completely serious, with a long list of citations and everything, to let us all know that a circuit court did not, in fact, overrule Ginsburg's death.

I don't even know what else to say. Except RIP journalism.

Soooo... since I'm new to the fediverse, can anyone tell me about the social.quodverum instance? Found out about it after I already set up my account. Tried to add some people I found interesting, but every one of them ended up with a "request sent" that just hangs up forever instead of an auto-follow. Must be the way the instance is set up. Not a big deal; just makes boosting anything from there difficult if they don't allow follows from other instances.

I know different instances have different rules. I signed up where I did for the dedication to free speech and because the instance doesn't block any other instances. It's just hard to navigate a federated service. Maybe I'll get the hang of it.

On the other hand, quodverum seems like Mastodon's version of Parler. So while I find some interesting posts there, I imagine I could find the same stuff on any other alternative platform... like, I don't know, Parler. But then I came to Mastodon to try to get away from echo chambers. Oh, well... what can you do?

One thing I really don't get about open social networks is "defederation" craze (on Diaspora it is more known as "shadowbanning") which is when one server blocks communication with another one.

I can get it when it happens as the last resort measure against spam attacks or other malicious interference but why on Earth any user would want it otherwise?

Would someone want cars hardwired not to drive to certain areas at all? Music players with censorship built-in blocking certain types of sounds from being played? E-mail which refuses to deliver messages to certain addresses?

There is damn blocklist (some platforms also have mute and ignore), use these as you like and stop your spreading your #fediblock bullshit. It is plain harmful for the network.

Walked through Old Town Alexandria tonight and saw so many storefronts cleaned out with closed signs on the windows.

We committed national suicide because Democrats weaponized a brief health scare to destroy Trump's successful economy in the hopes of beating him in November. #Alexandria #Democrats #Trump

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Woke priorities: Can't go to church or open your small business in California, but now men can be housed in women's prisons. What could possibly go wrong?

If you call yourself an anarchist, and you pile up a long list of what people can't say, you're doing anarchism wrong.

A study showing that masks don't work was purged from the Internet. Why? Not because it was found to be incorrect, but because "the content is no longer relevant in our current climate."

This is the world we live in, where facts are attacked, ignored, or silenced if they don't fit the narrative. In this case, the groundless basis for mask mandates.

"The news dashed hopes of achieving 'herd immunity' before the winter flu season, without a mass vaccination/"

THAT'S BECAUSE WE'RE DOING EVERYTHING TO STOP THE SPREAD OF HERD IMMUNITY! You can't lock everything down, imprison people in their homes, and force masks on everyone, and then expect our immune systems to be able to do what they were designed to do!

Sweden is practically over C-19 because they did what needed to be done... let the virus work through the healthy population and burn itself out.

Jesus, we are ruled by absolute morons.

We decided not to renew our membership once Costco outed themselves as mask Nazis. Now they've gone full woke, pulling a brand because the CEO expressed an opinion on BLM.

I know woke corporatism is nothing new, but every time this happens, it moves us closer to ending up with a social credit system like China's, where you get denied basic services for doing something the state disapproves of. We won't need armed feds or gulags; the woke corporate world will simply starve out its ideological enemies.

One thing that all Karens and mask Nazis have in common is that they literally think C-19 is the black plague and that contracting it is a death sentence. This is why they act the way they do. I wonder how they survived when Fauci and the surgeon general were telling people not to mask at the height of the outbreak.

When there's no evidence that masks work and the virus has over a 99% survival rate, they have the gall to call mask resistors superstitious, backwards, and anti-science.


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